The Black Widow!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by amazing__lobster, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know her? She used to prey on the young lads; she used to drink in the Viacount (the pub in chatham) on a Thursday - she was about 70 . Apparently she used to frequent that place since she was about 20!!!

    Anybody know who I'm talking about???
  2. If it is the woman you're on about she was in the Zone last year trying to pick the young 18 year old sappers up!! I might be thinking of a different on though. Is her name Maureen?
  3. That name rings a bell. She always used to hang around in the Viacount. She was well know in 99/00. but i was told shed been there for years!!!
  4. I tried pulling her once. I was all over her, thought i was well in there. Then these two other civi blokes came over and lead her off for a gang bang. I was gutted.
  5. not even i would stoop that low :oops: :oops: , although i did nail a 57 year old in dundee once when i was 18 8O 8O

    she sounds like a bird that B**z Bl****rd would like, he likes them really old :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. If its the same bird your talking about,then she's still alive and kicking. Saw her in the Viscount about may 05. We were making jokes at how she was dressed, like a cross between the Little Britain "i'm a lady" character and a Victorian prostitute, with the lacy gloves,loose corset and the cellulite hugging leggings
    Went to "The Zone" ,saw her there where she stalked me, and kept pinching my arrse, until i told her my mate fancied her and she stalked him instead.
    I could've had her too if i wanted, but i turned her down to watch my mate squirm, as the oldest thing he ever slept with was his pillow case.
  7. If this is the woman I think it is (1 young daughter, quite fit with grandson in tow, had a digital alarm clock in her bedroom), I did have the honour to shag her but it was back in 95/96. Left the zone with her and had civvy's giving me condoms.... Ended up with wrinkly fingers after spending a good 2 hours with them in an intimate place whilst in said club. She didn't set her alarm as asked (so I could be back for th eroom inspection on Friday morning), and was drugged up to the eyeballs on speed so as I left I crimped off a surface layed barmine into he laundry basket. She lived in some crappy estate in Chatham so ended up running al the way in to get back in time. (also scrubbed myself Ace Ventura style in the showers afterwards!).

    Rumour had it she was 58ish back then and all the Gurkhas on my A1 were trying to tell me she was old enough to be my grandmum!

    Did a big steer away from her after that.

    Good times!
  8. Shes still there now boys every tuesday night without fail she is in the zone and still very very ugly
  9. I did a similar thing with the laundry basket, when I was on an AT trip (sailing around Scotland) whilst at Chatham.

    Everbody in here seems to talking about the same person. I'm impressed she's still alive, though. Must be all that Sapper spunk running around her vains.
  10. I first seen Maureen in 1998 and when i returned in 2001 she was still in the Viscount
  11. yeh, the black widow is still alive, have it on good authority she is 63, says i 3 bottles of shower gel later!!!!!!!!
  12. The Widow used to frequent the Viscount, and the stomp, preying on the unsuspecting new lads in town... utter horror bag but used to pitch up with her daughter, and grand Daughter and some sandwiches i her handbag in case she didnt trap and had to wait for a cab. so i think the bird you're talking about must be the daughter, as the actual widow must be knocking 75 now... and no.... I didn't bone her..... but i know several fine upstanding members of the Corps who are WO2 and LE officers now who did :D

    And Knocker.... I was at Nienburg with the wretch you mention, is he still in... if so PM me, i'd like to pass on my regards to the horror bag.

    He featured in a video of a very drunk "clumsy bee keeper" who had shat his pants on the lash, B**z is pointing at the turd in is ruined jeans with a piece of toast and in his dulcet Burnley tones is heard to utter
    "Tha's fookin disgoostin, 'ees shat himsel" then scoffs the toast....
  13. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    My God....The Black Widow...I have just got the cold sweats reading this thread :oops:
  14. check pm's
  15. Nasty feckers! That poor women must be wondering where all the shit in her laundry basket comes from! She must think she's going nuts and using the basket as a bog. :lol: