The Black Rat Charity Rideout

The Black Rat Fund is holding a Black Rat Charity Rideout which will take place on Sunday, 19 September 2010 in Catterick Garrison.

The biking community in the UK has consistently shown incredible support for the Armed Forces. Events such as the Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride, the Mother’s Day Ride through Wootton Bassett, and the mass gathering at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas (RTTW), Staffordshire all clearly illustrate the biking community’s desire to show their solidarity with, and respect for serving, veteran, wounded and fallen members of the Armed Forces.

We at the Black Rat Fund would like to ask you to join our Black Rat Rideout to help support the serving soldiers of the Black Rats, as well as their immediate families.

Currently there are 16 different Regiments and Units that form the 4th Mechanized Brigade aka the "Black Rats" during the period of their deployment - this means that the Fund is trying to provide support to over 9,300 serving soldiers and their families. Elements of the Black Rats began deploying to Afghanistan in January 2010, with the rest of the Brigade following in March and April. The Brigade will still have soldiers from a number of Regiments out on tour until December 2010.

The Black Rat Fund assists through direct welfare and compassionate grants to individuals or families in need or distress, as well as supporting community projects, events and activities which aim to improve and enhance the lives of soldiers and families who are part of the Brigade.

With the Black Rats recent deployment to Afghanistan we want to make sure that the Fund is able to provide whatever assistance is needed to any injured soldiers, both now and in the future.

To make sure that we have funds in place to provide as much support as possible the Black Rat Fund is inviting members of the biking community from all over the United Kingdom to come and take part in the Black Rat Rideout. Bikes will meet at Marne Barracks, which is part of Catterick Garrison, and will then set off in groups to do a circuit of the Garrison and some parts of the surrounding area. The ride circuit will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

The ticket price for each person taking part (whether a rider or passenger) will be £2.00. However, because we’re sure that our Rideout will be a very memorable occasion and a great day out for everyone who attends, we are suggesting you make an additional voluntary donation of £3.00 each for all registered riders and their passengers, making your total outlay £5.00 per person. All registered riders and their passengers will receive a Black Rat wristband which they can wear on the ride to show their support for the Black Rats.

You can register online now at Black Rat Fund Merchandise

and can read more about the Rideout here: Black Rat Bikers Rally

We also have a Facebook group which you can join here: Black Rat Fund Ride | Facebook - please do join in and help us spread the word!

We hope members of ARRSE will support us!
I'll be there, it's at the end of my road*! I looked on how to get flags on the website, but failed miserably. Any pointers? I know my Parish Council will be passing round collection tins on the day.

*Oh, and if there is any rubbish left where my dog does a pooh, I will not be happy........
Official figures from the Brig's wife:

We know that people are keen to hear how we did on the day so we have worked really hard to put the figures together and now we have them.

On the day we had 3,892 bikes do the Rideout Route - which equated to 4,521 people (riders plus pillions)

Gross revenue from the event - registrations, donations, wristband sales, merchandise sales came to a staggering £30,265!!! And money is still coming in from additional merchandise sales and other donations we are receiving.

Sadly, our costs were slightly higher than we would have liked - mostly due to the cost of traffic management which alone was £5,000 - so the event cost us £12,624 to put on.

This means that the net amount which will go into The Black Rat Fund, and be used to help the soldiers and families of 4th Mechanized Brigade is ....


which is absolutely wonderful ...and will make a real difference to the amount of support that the Fund can give our brave soldiers and their families when they need assistance.

Thank you everyone who came and supported us, and thank you too to those that couldn't make it but still ordered merchandise or sent us donations.

You are all brilliant!!!!

Mia Felton
Black Rat Fund

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