The Black Panther has karked it

Barking spider, I knew one of the police officers who knicked him, after he'd let off a round from a shotgun they fell into the road, having a bit of a scuffle as it were. As it happened there was a bus que of miners waiting to go t'pit, saw their local bobby getting twated and joined in which is where the battering came from, this was North Notts before the miners strike, don't think it would have happened after 1984/85. The PC was an ex-marine, IIRC

He'll be the one that delivered the karate chop to Neilson's neck when they helped the coppers apprehend him. Good drills if that was him. Apparently the coppers had to protect Neilson from the mob that had formed and were duffing him up. <Snigger> ;-)

By the way 'Chalkie', your surname wouldn't be 'White' would it? ...just asking 'an all. Do you know 'Dinger' Bell and 'Ginger' Thomas?
Donald Neilson, known as The Black Panther'[/URL] has popped his clogs from breathing diffculties, he only had the rest of his life to serve inside too. Looks like he did it.
The Black Panther, lately more like a Blue Panter.

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