"the black-helicopter crowd"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Via the wacked out STSOZ
    Dr Strauss (deceased) goes on to describe how The Movement i.e. the raving right of the GOP has practically hollowed the what was a big tent party out. He has a point here. What the GOP isn't doing is shifting towards the center to challenge the Bush lite conservatism of President Barry. The phrase "circular firing squad" tends to be used by moderate insiders. It looks more and like angry despair when faced with this sort of thing.

    The Doctor concludes:
    It's bad, real bad. I'd not be sanguine about a US with one right wing party with a history of starting wars and an unelectable far right opposition. The likely outcome in the longer term is the emergence of a third party.

    You've got to worry when Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers.

    The freemarket Reagan era economic project has spectacularly crashed and burned, deficit has ballooned out of control under Bush, at some point someones going to have to pay taxes and it ain't going to be just the grand kids to cap it off there's a dusky way too cool Hawaiian in the oval office.

    Somethings just snapped in the politics of honky grievance. There's a growing tide of crazy out in the Red States. The gun shops are running out of 9mm Parabellum. We've had a couple of far right terrorist acts in the past few weeks. Expect more, much more.
  2. I have to agree with you there. When the latest surveys show only around 20% of the electorate admitting to being a Republican, it doesn't take the brains of an Archbishop to see just how many people feel that at least one of the two major parties does not conform with their views.

    The majority of Americans (even here in the clown palace that is the Tick's Arrse) appear to be fairly moderate, both fiscally and socially. Sadly, the professional screamers dominate the airwaves and and blogosphere, giving a somewhat skewed picture as they jostle for notoriety. With the mass of moderate Republicans feeling both disenfranchised and increasingly horrified by the constant loud bangs/smell of cordite and burning shoe-leather from the GOP, and the increasing number of Democrats who shudder at the self-serving stridency of Pelosi and the other "more liberal than thou" mob, I can quite easily see the formation of a third, and possibly electable centrist party (not forgetting that Obama is a centrist too; he just used the Democratic nomination process to get into the WH).

    Of course, I don't get a vote, but I do (ahem) pay taxes to Uncle Sam...

    ...and not Ross Perot again; please!
  3. (even here in the clown palace that is the Tick's Arrse)

    There is nowt in my arrse!
  4. How did that old saying go again, "No taxation without representation"!?
  5. I'm sure that at the time they said it, they were utterly sincere. XD
  6. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    What did you have against him? From what I can remember he seemed like a good egg.
  7. Don't you mean No Representation without Taxation ?
  8. Oh my God! He's got to you too.....Damn you, Perot!! :omg:
  9. Hi as one of those right wing republicans Mr Krugmen is so afraid of let me you give you my take on the matter.

    Mr Krugman is a economist and as such he knows just how bad things are going to get for the US economy in the next year are so. He also knows Obama has promised quick results on the economy that he wont be able to deliver. Once Obamas failure to deliver on the economy becomes apparent to the american public Obama and the democrat party will suffer politicaly for spiralling the budget deficet into the two trillion dollar range without having acomplished anything. His objective in this article it try and deligitmize the main opostion to the Obama adminstration. This is in order to buy time for some form economic turn around to happen.

    As for political violence in the past few weeks we have had.

    A Neo Nazi attack a holocaust memorial killing one person.
    A Anti Abortion activist killed a doctor that preforms late term abortions.
    A Muslim convert killed a army recruiter outside a recruiting station and them claimed his action were justified because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The above actions seems to cover a very large political spectrum with all of them falling well out of the acepted political bounds of both republican and democratic partys. Mr Krugman trying to link two of those acts to the republican party is both digusting political demogoguery and a lie.

    Politicaly at the moment the republican party is leaderless with the main spokemens being Dick Chenny and John McCain but there is no strong leader at the moment able to speak for the whole party. Rush Limbaugh and Fox news are the current source of much complaining by the Obama adminstration because they refuse to toe the line from the whitehouse. They both are also focused on ratings and place that before any loyality to the republican party and as such can not be considered to represent republican party. It also needs to be noted that both Fox and Rush are thriving in the Obama era inspite of being constantly called mean bad people by the whitehouse.
  10. palin for 2012 just for laughs
  11. You forgot Newt "We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism." Gingrich.

    Obama is a dream come true for both Limbaugh and Fox. Barry's perfect foil for their entertaining shtick. The Hawaiian presses far more panic buttons in their niche audiences psyche than Slick Willy's over friendly penis ever did. These guys aren't so much in opposition as eagerly imagining bending over before him and grabbing their ankles. But if Fox are worried by the violent wingnut fantasists battering their inbox I do wonder what rabid ravings Limbaugh is subjected to?

    TAC has The War on Hate on the fearful liberal response.

    Here's Limbaugh offering a stout defense of "hate-speech": Hate-Promoting Left Seizes Chance to Falsely Blame Right for Violence
    Surely it should be: "We are not Democrat Socialists"? How could the GOP lose with such confident negativism?