The Black and White Oddity Show


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Come on - they are different people! Why does she think her babies will be black - has she had her DNA changed or something?
If she likes black that much perhaps there are things she just won't tell her husband.
She's a Helena Bonham Chimp walt


I wonder what the excuse will be when she does have a baby ? ( A non black one )
It's whitey keeping the black man down as usual. Our colonial aspirations haven't gone away you know.

If she does have a black baby the husband should get a DNA test, they could go Jeremy Kyle. A lot less bizarre than most of the mutants they have on there.
What if she did a topless shoot, and had one black boob and one white one? Why did she do this?

Did she go to a Plastic Surgeon or simply a plastics factory??
Apparently off to Kenya. Wonder how long it'll take them to hotfoot it back to Der Vaterland once reality sets in?

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