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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scavenger, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Please leave now if you are easily bored. I am, hence starting this...

    Ok, so I'm talking about the bit in brackets that comes after various soldier ranks. I came accross one today, and had no idea what it meant. They seem to start at Sgt (unless I'm mistaken) and increase up to WO1. So, is there a list somewhere of official nice bits you can add to your rank? Lets say I'm a driving instructor, could I be SSgt(DI)? I really hope not.

    So, I can think of...


    I'm sure there's many more, but I'm bored now. Do RAWO's and RCWO's put that after their rank? If not, why not?
  2. They are official appointments within a unit, an example is that in my unit we have 2X WO2's per sub unit the first is WO2 Bloggs the second is WO2 (BSM) Bloggs. The first could be senior time served to the Second but the job of the second makes him senior.
  3. Only Warrant Officers should have an appointment in brackets. SSgts and below may hold a regimental appointment but this is only displayed in the signature block after name, rank.

    Although I a 3 years out of date.
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  4. Most of those abbreviations are in Arrsepedia if you really want to know, it's simply a way of showing what "official" job that person has, to differentiate them from others of the same rank.

    Cpl (Retd.)
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  5. So, you are on an Army (sort of) website, you've been here for over 400 posts, and now you are asking such a bone-headed question?

    This has to be the most pathetic attempt at a Wah/wind-up I've seen here. Feeble effort.
  6. Why is it a bone question?
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  7. Well, it is quite a well known phenomenon, putting appointment after rank. Something most people pick up fairly quickly after seeing it once or twice.
  8. LCpl(PissMat)
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  9. My Bold : Are ACF ranks. Although the convention we are told to use in any communication that goes out beyond the ACF is print full name, and below that Sergeant Instructor, Staff Sgt Instructor etc; as the rank held is only honorary, although there are separate pay rates for each ACF rank.

    I've never heard of a Quarter Master Sgt Instructor, as the ACF equivalent is an appointment called Cdt Admin Assistant and wear a crown with laurel wreath badge. QMSI may be something else entirely. Acronyms are not unique across the Forces

    WO1(SMI), if an ACF appointment, is a bit cheeky too. The correct term is Regimental Sgt Maj Instr (RMSI) as ACF Warrant Officers don't actually exist so don't get warrants.
  10. The SASC, among others, have QMSIs and SMIs.
  11. SMI's are present in the big boys proper army
  12. Foreman and Yeoman of Signals SSgts have had their appointment in brackets for as long as I can remember. Dunno about whether they're allowed or all of them have been breaking the rules since I joined up though.

  13. Utter bollox

    You tell a WO2 (QMSI) of the RAPTC that he is a cadet instructor fella

    SI can also refer to a Schools Instructor ie at the RAC Gunnery school or D&M school. Ie Gunnery Instructor Sgt (SI) xxx
  14. UTTER SHIT- sprog
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  15. In Cavalry regiments where a SSgt might be appointed as a Tp Comd (we used to have one per Sqn) He would be referred to as SSgt(TSM). TSM = Troop Sergeant Major and dates back to donkey walloping days.