The Bishops Finger or Your First Medical?

In days long ago = National Service days.....much like today we all had to have the depot.....

I was in the doctors office standing to attention in my "shreddies"..... I had been forwarned that the doctor will insert his finger into the "bishops hole"

Anyway towards the end of the medical, the RAMC Sgt ... said "drop them" and bend over!!!!!....being a good boy knickers round my ankles outstretched touching my toes....and waiting for that finger!!!!!

Suddenly I heard the MO reading a chapter from THE BIBLE = Genises me thinking perhaps I had "piles"...

Did anything strange happen to you during your first depot medical,
like the Bishops Finger? :evil:
Glad to see a (reasonably) coherent post from you for once Boris!

All I got in the medical was the cold hand and cough test, maybe the doc didn't fancy me.
The MO on mine looked about 70, stank of whiskey and his hands were shaking like fook. He attempted to take blood three times and made a sh*t state of the vein which resulted in a blue/purple lump bigger than a golf ball on ones arm, much to the amusement of the DS.


nope - just the old cough test with the cold hand, while in a long queue - pretty embarrising for those not so well endowed :D :D
it was strange how he got a finger up there when i was sure i could feel a hand on each of my shoulders. Brace yourself Agnes i'm going in
I went to Cardiff to get mine done. The doc does the norm then asks me up on the couch, shreddies down & knees to chest. He had a quick scan of me ring with one of those wooden things you put on your tongue (now say ahhhh!) and then told me to put me kit back on.
I must admit, I felt violated but I got half a days pay (£7 in them days) so it wasn't all bad.

Sparky8 - available for arrse exams at half a days pay! Who says Im cheap?!!

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