The Birth of SOCA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. A national agency which will target major criminals such as drug-smugglers, people-traffickers and fraudsters comes into force on Saturday.
    The Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca), dubbed Britain's FBI, will unite experts from the police, customs and immigration services.

    It will have more than 4,000 officers and will use existing and new legal powers to fight crime.

    Soca is Britain's first non-police law-enforcement body. However, Soca is employing hundreds of former police officers.

    Maybe Soca need Jack Regan, loosen your tie, pour yourself a scotch and tell yer bird to shut it. Your nicked you S**g!!!!
  2. So does that mean they'll be investigating that slimy shite Phoney Tony and his gang of corrupt crooks? If ever there was a case of serious and organised crime, they're it!
    Or are they "immune"?

  3. Yes. They're immune, as will be proven by the upcoming whitewash Scotland Yard will produce. Mr Blair will be 'vindicated' - along with the greater offender Cameron, and, to a much lesser degree, Campbell. And, before anyone claims Cameron/Campbell can't be blamed for what went on before they were made leaders, that burden of 'responsibility' was assumed on the day they were voted in.
  4. Former National Crime Squad detective Peter Blekesley told the BBC: "This organisation needs to be elite. It needs to be secretive to a certain degree.

    Well there location is not, Same address as NCIS. PO Box 8000 will take you to Spring Gardens!!!!

    Lets hope they do well, im sure they will under former Mi5 boss Sir Stephen Lander.
  5. NCIS? Is that like CSI but if you're dyslexic?
  6. National Criminal Intelligence Service
  7. I don't know where they get this "First non Police Law Enforcement body" stuff from.

    How about HM Customs and Excise, VOSA, The Highways Agency, Council/Community wardens etc etc. There are many.
  8. This is from their website FAQ:

    Tonight Matthew I'll be....
  9. Head of state/senior state official immunity.
  10. But the PM isn't Head of State, that's the Queen. He's 'just' the leader of whatever political party controls the most seats in the Commons.
  11. Has anybody told the PM that? :)

    ps. Until this thread I thought SOCA was a music form (SOulCAlyps)!
  12. 'Serious' certainly, 'organised' I'm not so sure :roll:
  13. Calling SOCA the "British FBI" is like calling a pub football team Liverpool; it might make them feel better but they're still not going to win the Champions League.
    The problem is that SOCA is not a new organisation. It is just a re-branding of several groups of people who were trying to deal with these threats - organised crime,drugs, people smuggling etc - already. And in most cases, specatacularly failing to do so.
    If Blair had really wanted a British FBI, the first thing he would have done was set a British version of Quantico, the FBI Academy. All SOCA recruits, whatever their experiance would have gone through the same intensive training. And SOCA would, indeed, be an elite...instead of just another New Labour spin-job.
  14. Add to BBR's list Capita, in one of its many guises, as TV Licencing...