The birds on question time tonight

Sooooo, we have got Rachel Reeves MP (Labour), Tessa Munt MP (Libdim), and the Sunday Times journalist and critic Camilla Long.

I find them all strangely attractive. What do you think?

Wouldn't touch tessa munt with bugsys.
Reeves would get it,
Camilla long..would definately get it
How can you aim higher than two Members of Parliament and a Sunday Times columnist?? :-?
It's not what they do as a day job, it's how much they bang like a shit house door in a force 10 that REALLY counts.

Oh yeah, and being able to press a shirt correctly and make a decent cup of coffee.
Very strong, aromatic, black.

This crowd would probably manage to burn water.


Book Reviewer
Still not quite clear on why "Pokes Badgers Under Handedly" has to be added after every reference to wotever sky pixie it applies to though.

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