The bird from CSI New York

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SauceDoctor, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    I've been having dreams about this woman, so I want to ask: would you? Personally, I think she's the most gorgeous thing to come out of beautifulville in a long time

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  2. I'm afraid not. She's an annoying cnut in the programme.

    *Upon seeing a large pool of blood*
    "I think someone was hurt here."

    ... Sorry ...
  3. Nah. she's a fcuking moose.

    If you want CSI tottage then you should go for Jorja Fox from the Vegas one.

    Would get a large portion.

  4. HA HA! Know what you mean. But she's still a babe - actually now you mention blood... Emily Procter aka Calleigh from CSI Miami. Firearms babe.
  5. A MOOSE? She might be forty but I'd give her some of the Doctor's sspecial Sauce.
  6. Oh aye. She could test fire my weapon anyday :D
  7. Jorja is a bit of a Fox. Not married either, according to IMDB. Go for it!
  8. Emily Proctor, had to google that one. Yes, VERY FIT.


    But I'm thinking her talents were better used here.

  9. No way! Is that really her?
  10. Yep, double checked on IMDB, she was in "Breast Men".

    Think I'll have to see if Blockbusters has that one
  11. As long as she keeps her mouth closed (and her tits out).Fuck,she's got the most irritating voice in American TV (and that's saying something!).
  12. Cracking Bristols. Top drawer.

    As for Melina Kanakaredeseasyjetioannou, I just can't get her out of my head na na na na na nana na. Maybe I'm just getting old but I think I'm in love!
  13. Id Shag all the birds in all the CSI even some of the dead ones......DNA has come as a positive match to Achmed the Camel Catcher, Again!!!
  14. I had to look at who was in CSI: New York.

    Not sure how you could possibly even notice that other one there with this one hanging around.


    Fcuk me, she could even get the corpses hard
  15. I was going to post her but a pic I got off IMDB, her nose looked weird. Call me fussy.