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Discussion in 'Canada' started by seanyboy36, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. is it true the sin bin has closed down? i have not been to med hat since 2003 and just want to know if the nasty rumours are true
  2. Well according to this thread it was still open in 2007 during MM1

    might be best to ask on the tankies section of arrse as the RTR spend most of their time out on the prairy

    I've got good memories of stiletto's, the strip bar below the Sin Bin and O'Reily's i think it was called
  3. Assinabioa Medicine Hat? (QRIH Battlegroup 77/78?) Probably closed. Fond memories of day time sessions there, ending up in the Blue Lantern for scran til the early hours. My mate was biffing a waitress there, and we got lucky with two Nurses at the Sin Bin one Saturday night. Nothing stays the same, but it was on a par with the City Club Paderborn for loose women and exetended happy hours :)

    G'r* Ashton, your remark about the waitress with the name on her T shirt, "what's the other one called" was funny when you're p*ssed. Hope you're well. Wherever you are.
  4. It is closed. Not sure what the local fatties do now when they fancy a bit of soldier action!
  5. Yes, the Sin Bin has now been closed for a few yrs now. I used to hang out there with my friends when I was at college in Med Hat. Tons of fun, mad soldiers trying to pick up any girl who could talk and walk at the same time lol Great music, cheap beer, cute squaddies, waiting forever for a cab outside, it was all a scream! I recall a restaurant downstairs at the Bin and having breakfast at 3 am, awesome! I am researching the Sin Bin and all the mad stories from anyone who's experienced it and all the characters who used to go there. Bin Bunnies,squaddies, bartenders, waitresses, etc - anyone out there, can you please tell me your stories about the Sin Bin back in its hey day?? Thank you very much!! Saskgirl :)
  6. Have we met?