The Bills Reg Hollis cuts wrists after sacking

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Random_Task, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. The Bill's Reg Hollis cuts wrists after sacking

    Why did Reg never get promoted by the way?
  2. What the feck else is he gonna do? Panto

    At least he made a mess at work
  3. I just heard it on Radio 2, here at work, I think it's sad. (Not Radio 2, that he cut his wrists!)
  4. Same reason someone in the military won't - because he was a biff and didn't deserve it. :wink:
  5. I often wondered if Reg was the only decent copper in the series
  6. Chicken and egg here.

    Was he "let go/downsized" because he is a suicide candidate or did he try to top him self because he was sacked.

    Or is he just another poofy actor luvey who can't take rejection and cried "Goodbye cruel world" while sawing at his wrists with a butter knife?
  7. Wasn't a real attempt, real attemts jump, a from a fcuking great hight!
  8. Shall we start a 'Keep yer chin up Mucker' Thread?

    You first...
  9. Why the fcuk didn't they film it? Could have then shown it as Reg's exit scene!

    :D :D :D
  10. I have the inside scoop.

    He was caught on mobile pulling over a car full of black lads in hoodys. At one point whilst trying to get the drivers details he looked in the back and said "Do you lot ever shut up"

    "You lot" they said... "You lot - Whats that supposed to mean officer. Why is you being a racist."

    Booomf - OC's interview - Required to Resign. The Met must be seen to stamp this kind of behaviour out. Any officers found using any kind of Racial slur will be Punished!

    Sad day. He only had 6 and a half years left until he retired.
  11. If he really really meant it then a RIP thread would be 18 pages long by now :)
  12. It's not real you know :wink:

    If it was an entire nick would focus on one case at a time. they would get a conviction on every one but the backlog would go on for ever. :lol:
  13. Nah, a 'must try harder' thread :D
  14. Is it a slow newsday or something?

    So some actor in a soap gets the push and tries to top himself, no loss there then.

    Can the BBC please sack the entire cast of Eastenders and issue them all with sharp knives please.
  15. I'm glad you winked. I thought you were being serious for a second then. He will get an automatic appeal within six months but i doubt it will go well. His block at Sun Hill have squared away a whip around i believe.