The Bill features ex-service homeless & PTSD

How many ARRSE members got to see the Thurs 16th Jan episode of 'The Bill'? I think it highlighted the situation pretty accurately, despite the programme's requirement for dramatic effect.
The ex-service character was plausible and entirely sympathic, without being whingeing, script to the effect of: 'I fought for you, and you too. They sent us out without enough kit, guns that didn't work........ And then they said "Thanks very much, goodbye" and that was that!'
Picking up and repeating the many comments on the STICKY, at the top of this Forum, when is the MoD going to get off its collective butt and institute something like the American after-service programme?
It's taking too long and I haven't heard anything coming down from on-high... But then the MoD hierarchy don't appear to suffer anything worse than pressure sores on the palms of their hands. I wonder how that happens?
I thought it was well done. Hopefully it will make a few people think.

The current dismal government can't look after people whilst they're in (no more military psych unit, all contracted out now), so what hope is there for those who have left. Shameful.

It was certainly better than Redcap!
I was infantry for 12 years and i am now cap is nothing short of a joke, :roll: ,soldier soldier captured some of the sence of humor that we in the forces posses, but come on...Red Caps is not in the least bit near the truth. East Enders is nearer. The RMP arn't the most liked regt in the army, but i have found it not to be as bad as most in the army think they are. I agree that it has its share of *******, but so does every regt. Your average RMP will try and not involve paperwork, the ******* do. I have seen life in a different light since i transfered, and to be aint that bad.[/quote]

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