The biggest fear!!

Is it me or have I got my priorities all wrong as one of the 6k( depending which paper you read) I am expecting to go off and play in the sand..

But my biggest fear is not getting poisoned  or shelled by Saddam, hit by one of his scuds, blown up by a Muslim car bomb, bombed by the yanks etc

My biggest worry is that I am going to look like a complete f@#*wit in front of the regs..

I am a rad op class two and as such should know all about JMH and all that shit but after spending a two weeks in a class room learning all about it I have NEVER used it and have forgotten most of it..

Looking at the programme I am off to Chilwell Next Week and the following week, (ALL BEING WELL) Will arrive at a bde HQ to work.. There has been no mention of pre deployment training other than ITDs and I am concerned that I will spend more time correcting my own mistakes and not doing the job..


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