The Big Stooshie charity music festival 4th-6th May in Fife for SSAFA & H4H

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by theylie, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Have people seen this new music festival fundraiser for SSAFA & H4H?

    Official site; The Big Stooshie : Scotland's Charity Music Festival - Big Stooshie Charity Festival for Help for Heroes and SSAFA Forces Help and facebook - The Big Stooshie - Scotland's Charity Music Festival | Facebook

    and endorsement from recipients of the hoped for £100000 funds

    Help for Heroes - The Big Stooshie

    The Big Stooshie Charity Music Festival Secures JAMES

    Any questions feel free to PM me or if needing tickets, the plug - my band is playing the main stage on Friday 4th May and we have scope to offer cheap tixs with no add ons & booking fees etc!

    Its a new charity event and my band wont be making anything (if there are any NAAFI dissenters!) face value is exactly that!

    It should be excellent! Bands include the damned, james, from the jam, the beat, boomtown rats and loads of others over 2 stages. Website and fb lists all bands.