The Big Red One

Watched “The Big Red One” the other night. Surprised that I
hadn’t seen/heard of it before. It had the lot - Kasserine Pass, Sicily & Italy.,
Omaha Beach, Hürtgen Forest, Ardennes to Auchwitz. Could see where
other films/TV programmes came from - Saving Private Ryan, Band of brothers etc.
Couldn’t work out how Lee Marvin stayed a sergeant throughout though?
The Director Sam Fuller actually served with the 1st Infantry Division and its a kinda loose biopic. He is represented by the guy who wrote the pulp novel another soldier was reading.

He also makes a cameo apprecence as a newsreel cameraman. The DVD is well worth a watch and the extras are good. Sam Fuller talks how it is and is quite a character. He directed the film with a loaded .45 shooting in the air on takes shouting "you're dead. get down. you're dead!"

The 4 Horsemen and Lee Marvin are supposed to represent his different sides during the war geek mode off.

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