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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    On BBC1 starting now,one of the topics is Afghanistan & can we win out there.
  2. Thanks Spike - Look forward to hearing Rory Stewart's input.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Why do the BBC fill the panel with chods & throbbers?....
  4. rory stewarts view will be that we've bitten offf more than we can chew and that our strategic end state is out of kilter with what is achievable...
  5. Look at this in the cold light of day.
    What does afghanistan produce?
    Nothing except heroin and terrorists
    What does the Pakistan border region produce?
    Nothing except heroin and hate filled terrorists.

    The world has tired ignoring this problem in the past, the problem got worse and far from being self contained it was exported.
    The only solution I can see is if this region is turned into a productive industrialised appendage of india or china but this will need a Japan type solution to precede it. The americans did this with their own people just over 100 years ago, maybe its time we let these people see what it is really like to live in the stone age.
  6. Glad to hear Rory state clearly the absurdity of the "moral obligation" statements that are trotted out left, right and centre.

    He sums up the situation well in my opinion and is one of the few who comment with real knowledge and experience.
  7. Any program presented by that Campbell prat can hardly be taken seriously
  8. So far nikky Campbell has said we colonised it untill 1919, wrong we only had a legation there that was airlifted out,

    One bloke said Afghanistan is the size of Wales.
    Another said Hellmand was the size of Wales It is if you mulitply by 3
    just show the amount of ignorance the people of this country have about the place
    The only two talking sense are Rory Stewart and the Afghan bloke who said we are waisting our time there
  9. Got to say that Rory Stewart has talked sense consistently on matters strategic for years now.
  10. The British publice are soft. Obviously 200 deaths are sad but realistically if it got to 1000 it would still be a small scale conflict. God help us if there is a world war 3, a few casualties sustained and all of a sudden public opinion thinks it's unwinnable.
  11. Full of the usual suspects I'm afraid and didn't really enlighten.
    I agree Rory Stewart spoke a lot of sense, but apart from that, it was a procession of lesbian comediennes, politicos, religious nutters, sandals and dodgy beards. Oh, and Nikky Campbell catching a glimpse of himself to camera.