The big question in American politics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Is McCain boning Palin?
  2. The question all the analysts and pundits have been asking is much more fundamental: "Does she swallow?"
  3. Does it matter? Combined IQ on either side would be a better evaluation. A number ( combined) over 200 should win
  4. As a resident I can say the following:-

    1. McCain's wife is quite boneable
    2. Palin is quite boneable
    3. Palin is less "stiff" in bed than McCain's wife
    4. Palin swallowed the first time because she was trying to impress me
    5. McCain's wife, (Cindy, for the curious), always swallows.... :D
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Is Palin naughty?
  6. Quite naughty actually... but it would be remiss of me to talk too freely about the, (hopefully), next VP of the good ole US of A... :D
  7. I'm a bit/lot prone to being an analist myself... I wonder if she takes it up the stinker.... :idea:
  8. Loves it!!! But, again, I have to be a bit careful in what I say... :wink:


    Arrse's Official American Correspondent
  9. Where is Talibanistanland?
  10. Duh!
    Frigid as an eskimo's digit.
    Presents herself plastically as any good li'l american girl learns to do from an early age.
    Smiles like a barracuda through gritted teeth.
    Only reproduces due to succumbing to conjugal rights, 'cos the bible says so, actually believing that someone sticking their pee-pee in another person's pee-pee is a dirty abomination.
    Unfortunately marginally intelligent and majorly vicious, which leads to high office in a land of thicko rednecks.
    Takes out smouldering resentment and aims for ultimate revenge by shooting for the highest office in the land.
    Won't be swallowing anything unless it's Democrats earmarked for breakfast.
    And if McCain learned anything in 'Nam, or indeed in his lifetime, he wouldn't touch the snake-with-tits with someone else's bone.
  11. But you would still bone her wouldn't you?
  12. Your post went downhill from there...

    Shame really, you thought you had such intellect... :roll:


    Arrse's Official American Correspondent
  13. Who cares and when is it over?
  14. Nice analysis of many women, not just Septic and not just political. It is to do with a misprint in Darwin - " Survival of the thickest" was the original text, according to the female mind anyway.A woman proofreader with alacarity quickly changed that one. Two things in life I don't trust: blokes who are not waiters or musicians who wear bow ties and women.
  15. That's three, fuckwit... :roll: