The Big Question BBC1 with Tommy Robinson

Anyone see Tommy Robinson on BB1 this morning??

iMHO their a bunch of buffoons but I must admit he came across well and the lady sat next to him came across even better when she said "It's all about being able to express an opinion" and how it's become socially unecpeptable to state any opinion if it's not excepting in every facet cultural integration. you dare to state anything other than than the state opinion, you're rasics and the reincarnated Enoch PowelL (MBE)

But then again I live in Cornwall so what do I know!!
Haha now tell me something I don't know. Anyway it's still' "unacceptable". And that's with spell check on!!

Haha I take the duty mong badge and affix it to my duffle coat.
One thing I noticed again, the trait amongst the Muslim/Asian activist of speaking loudly without breathing or pausing or allowing any interruption or counter argument.

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