The Big Lift - charity event, coutrywide

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Biffacrab, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi everybody

    I'm trying to drum up support for a charity undertaking.

    Ben Greer, an ex crab (Chinook crewman) is collecting for 5 forces charities while undertaking a walk of 440 miles, carrying a 100kg pack. That's 15st 10lb, for us oldies, and a mile for every soldier killed in Afghanistan.

    He is simulating recovering a fallen comrade. Ben was involved in casualty recovery during his 6 tours of Afghanistan.

    If you can turn out to offer support, either moral or financial, he would be very grateful.

    His schedule is on his website:
    The Big Lift

    or Facebook:
    The Big Lift

    He may be a crab, but he's a good lad, and doing it in honour of the Army, mostly.

    He will be in Chester, at the cathedral, at 10am on 10th April.
    Manchester, Great Northern Square, 4pm the same day.
  2. Anyone out there in the Chester area?
  3. He's having a break at the moment (he has to go to work now and then!), but will be in Coventry and Wolverhampton on 25th April, then Birmingham and Worcester on 26th.

    Give him your support!!