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The Big Firework Thread: Rockets, Missiles, and all things that go Whoosh

This seems to be steadily getting more and more important. To get the ball rolling, after the Iranian/Houthi raid on Aramco infrastructure with a mixture of drones and cruise missiles, Iran retaliated (openly this time) against US targets in Iran using SRBMs of various kinds. Here's an IISS report from 2017 that argues the rockets are a bit cack but improving:

However, it's worth noting that IISS's estimate of the newer, guided SRBM's accuracy was based on imagery from two strikes, one exercise, one combat, in which the Iranians mixed both the new gucci ones and much older Scud-B copies. Their estimate is therefore very dependent on attributing which rocket made which crater. IISS also points out that the raid they based this on used a drone to do BDA and correct the fire in real time, hardly worth doing if the CEP is 800m to a kilometre.

If this Washington Post reporter's DOD sources are good, IISS might be badly wrong:

The result is a line of short- and medium-range missiles that can deliver warheads with an accuracy range in *the tens of meters*, a Defense Department intelligence official said. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive assessments of Iran’s military capability.

“We have observed consistent improvements in Iranian ballistic missile accuracy,” the official said. Among the more striking and potentially worrisome developments is technology on Iran’s 500-mile Qiam missile that allows controllers to fine-tune its trajectory during flight. Even the Fateh-110, a short-range model provided to Hezbollah and other militant groups, has been refitted with electro-optical and radio-guidance systems so that it can zero in on highly specific targets, the official said.

As usual with things that go whoosh, Fabian Hinz is worth following:

Between that thread and a few others it seems there were probably F-110s, Qiams, and maybe F-330s and something else.
Woohoo, what a strike! Absolutely no effect at all! It's a bit like slashing someones tyres cos they have speeding down your road. Stops them and have a think, however now they are angry and still speeding about.
I will say there is the Trump factor to consider here, however I don't think he has factored in the Ayatollah factor.
Its kind of funny when their foreign minister says "look it's concluded and we have thrown our buns" then the big man turns and says "it's not over"
Thread deviation Alert, sorry.

I read the Thread title and thought 'Excellent ! A timely Arrse thread on what is the best BFO firework rocket to buy for Jan 31, 2300hrs'.

I live on a nice, quiet, Private Estate in rural Dorset along with lots of very nice, mostly retired, non- illegal immigrants.
Problem is, there are a lot of professed 'artists' and there were lots of Lib Dem posters in peoples windows a few weeks back. There was even a Labour one !

Anyway, point being I am going to spend quite a few bob on ONE rocket and let the fcuker off at their lowest ebb.
Just one big Whoosh ( neighbours awaken) and just one Boom ( dogs void themselves on the bedroom carpet )

Can't wait, its a one-off, and the dogs will get over it.

[End \ thread dev ]
Which may have been intentional.Fire a few missiles into known empty spaces. No deaths or injuries.
Honour satisfied, all back to normal.Well as normal as it can be.

Oh definitely, however bulling up they killed eighty (when they didn't) it's playground stuff, playing the media up so they look to be righteous, as they know Mr T will be verging on stroke territory already :) I don't mind the odd wind up giggles and that myself, but I just don't seem to get my hands on sharp, quick, flying bangy stuff anymore!
Which may have been intentional.Fire a few missiles into known empty spaces. No deaths or injuries.
Honour satisfied, all back to normal.Well as normal as it can be.

It is all bluff and bluster on the Iranian Regime part .
You are trying to defend a totalitarian Regime , with added Fundi Islam.

And , its beginning to look like they have shot down one of their own civvy aircraft.
Now - I get that this happens as the fog of war begins to descend BUT....

it was their aircraft , out of their national airport on a schedule of their decision , squawking their ID thing ......
..... and they still possibly shot down their own aircraft ?

Possibly *******.

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