The Big Fat Gypsy Eviction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Troy, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Tonight BBC 1 10:35...

    The Big Gypsy Eviction
    Documentary filmed over the past six years, following the long-running dispute surrounding Europe's largest traveller site in Dale Farm, Essex, and tracing events as it nears its conclusion. For 10 years, 50 families have illegally occupied green-belt land, but have now been given 28 days to either leave peacefully or be evicted. As the deadline approaches, people on both sides of the debate give their views.

    Your comments invited.
  2. Feed the thieving ***** into a woodchipper.
  3. Feet first.
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  4. How disappointed am I?

    I was expecting a thread about the RLC leaving Deepcut.
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  5. A place One avoids, as One lives in Essex not far from said venue............. hhhurmph!! Well, 20 miles or so..... Hmmm!! All the local landowners around Essex have place very large concrete blocks and other heavy objects across any likely fields/land that said venues might be targeted......
  6. They've started to be able to move these near Gloucester. No witness comes forward to say they saw X do it. "We found it open gov, honest", and the legal process crawls into life again.

    Don't seem to stay long on some private land areas they occasionally land on. No idea why, but they always seem in a hurry to leave.
  7. Beware: some of those living in pikey cesspits in Gloucestershire are actually "them", certainly in the confines of BZZ (which is not quite in Glouc before the plance-spotters object).

    I watched a RAF Reg soldier - cldn't make out the rank slide - getting billeted in a nice hotel just 'up the road' today (opsec) and as he hauled his Bergen out of the minicab, courtesy of Op Catara, I thought 'hats off to you mate'; but what about the flashbang wallahs living in the zigeuner nightmare, eating babies' heads in their Sprites before the horrors of Gateway House, etc.
Thread Status:
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