The big CATT that fails to roar

Anybody else played with CATT yet?

Recently involved in trial on the Ost Front and am under the impression that it is being accepted into service with some fairly serious faults.

Whilst undoubtedly a good movement and drill trainer at sub-unit level, I would suggest that it is not a battlegroup tactics trainer.  For a start, there are insufficient Wrs for an AI BG.  

I would also argue that the limited fidelity means you cannot train in tactics.  For example, if you dig your Wr / other AFV in, the enemy do not see it and drive past (don't know about any of you out there but unless you can disappear several score tonnes of spoil, this is never going to be the case).  Small streams and wire fences can stop a CR2, which is a little odd.

That said, as a drills trainer it is awesome, and especially with the God view, you can check up on minor skills and drills (traversing arcs etc).

It also has a stunningly realistic signals fit.  By that I mean that hardly any of the communications systems work all of the time.  For a supposedly hard-wired fit, it's arrse.  

That said, I am staggered that with these not insignificant faults, the system has been declared fit and is being accepted.  As an army we are pretty aweful at making these simple mistakes.

Can anyone out there explain as to why we should accept (and therefore pay £300mil) for something which doesn't do what we want?  

I reckon that Wargasm is better, especially the music.


Aal reet, Marra?

When we were out there before you we had the joys of SIMNET.  Waggons fell over if they left roads, somtimes they strangely began to hover and navigation was a no-go.  The landscape was simply up or down - reading contours was a bit challenging.

The boss bailed out of navigating (cos it was not possible), dicked a fire support Platoon Comd to do it for him (rather than command his platoon) and permanently b*llocked him for being lost.

Ah, happy days.

Mind, there were always the joys of fratracide.

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