The Big Book of Courses

Does anyone know if there's an online version of the said book? Before anyone says it, I would normally just ask the PSAO/PSI, but I'm involved in some fairly urgent decision-making re my civvy job, and I'd like to get some answers before Tuesday.

Is there such a beast? I've found a listing of courses for overseas applicants, but no joy on the same for British personnel.



It would be good for info, but don't confirm to employer until you have checked with unit. Just because the course exists it does not mean that you will be loaded on it.
If you can log on to the intranet through your DII terminal check out ARTD web page it has all the courses listed through a link on that page.
'The' book is not on Armynet but check the DINS (training is 07 I think?)etc on Armynet for published notices. A lot of courses and opportunities get on there, and Int have some of their course calander out on it methinks.

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