the big bad jay kissograms strippergrams says

dogmeat said:
malestripperuk said:
Costumes: Policeman,
Let me guess - you turn up 2 days late, make some notes then stand around doing fuck all and still expect to be paid overtime?
No, he's Itailian. So he shows up early, makes a lot of noise and then leaves before he is asked to do anything difficult.
malestripperuk said:
kissograms-strippergrams-strip o grams-stripper-----About me: I am originally from Pompei, Italy and weigh 16.6 st. and am 5.10 tall. I am a bodybuilding instructor as well as a stripper please visit

Costumes: Policeman, British airway's airline captain, Bulder, Business man, Officer and Gentlman, Gangster

You forgot to add Old Cunt to your list. Or were those pictures taken at a "come as you are" party?

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