"The Bible needs updating"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Piers Morgan made me laugh. The bible needs updating to include gay-marriage, so he says.

    Now Piers Morgan says the Bible is 'flawed' | Mail Online

    Now, forgive me but I thought there was a binary choice, the bible is: the word/teachings of Christ (i.e. God) or it's bollocks. How exactly does one re-write either of those?
  2. That great Theologist pope piers Morgan.

    During the recent residential election an analyst said that in America you don't mess with the 3 Gs - Guns, God and Gays. I can see why the twat is so wel liked over there.
  3. "And jesus didn't realise he was the Son of God until he'd been chained to the radiator for a very long time"
  4. Which bible?
  5. His arse needs upshooting.
  6. Begone sinner.
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  7. I pray every night. I may have the occasional sin but I don't like fish.
  8. Piers appears to have read the Sally Bercow guide to maintaining media presence.
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  9. If the Bible really does need updating, why don't they do it properly? I mean, some of the name are just so old fashioned.

    The Virgin Mary? Really? Nope, let's have Chardonay and her 4 illegitimate kids.
    Judas Escariot? What the hell is that all about? Tony Blair would work.
    And what about the leading character. That Jesus bloke. I mean, Jesus? Who calls their kid that these days? Ryan might fit better.
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  10. chips.jpg

    Just C.H.I.P.S for you then.
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  11. Much as I disapprove of religious fanatics gunning people down in the streets, there are perhaps cases where I might make an exception.
  12. For Gawds sake someone shut the muppet up or the Septics will kick the twunt out and he'll only end up in Oz or Auckland, Noo Zild.
    Too close for comfort either way.
    still as P_F mentions if he keeps up his gobbing off on senstive topics he may end up with a Bushmaster delivered 5.56 sleeping pill.
    Here's hoping.
  13. Maybe He just needs his bumps felt?
  14. The Bible is a 17th Century edit of a 16th Century book translated from thousands of 4th century scrolls which all contradict each other and all claim to be copies of letters from the 1st century which no-one has ever seen...
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  15. Bastard just seen this in the new posts at the side and only showed the bible needs, I was hoping it was going to say binning.
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