The Bible - Full of Sh*t or a Good bit of kit??



In recognition of the fact that a bit of God bothering is emerging on the Winston Churchill thread, I thought i'd raise this one.

My personal opinion is - full of sh*t

The only way i'll change my mind is if they change a few stories to reflect reality, in particular Noahs ark.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if you put a complete collection of animals on a boat for forty days, all that will be left at the end is two really fat crocodiles and a couple of nervous looking rhinos.
what if you keep them apart?
at least the issue bible is nice and small and burns well


Convoy_Cock said:
My personal opinion is - full of sh*t
How many times have you actually read it all through then mate ?
Just the once was it? :roll: :lol:
Get's my vote..Bloody smashing bit of kit :wink:


ViroBono said:
... and optional, so those who don't like don't have to read it.
On the other hand, the US style evangelism is deeply tedious.
Agree totally ...seen a lot of American style preaching.....shallow and misleading..I hate it.
On the other hand, many people slag off the bible and dismiss it as bullshit without having ever read the bloody thing ..which is equally shallow and misleading :roll:



Yes I have read it.

That's the traditional and tried and tested way to formulate an opinion about a book.

It is a load of fcuking claptrap. My opinion. I think Joe Rogan summed it up well.

"It truly boggles my mind that a big percentage of people in the year 2001 in the world, believe in a goofy book that was written by people that lived thousands of years ago. It really just completely freaks me out when I think about it.
They lived in a time when the world was flat, and the earth was the center of the universe. They wrote a book, said it was the word of God, and two thousand years later people are still buying their bullsh*t.

That is one fcuking incredible human accomplishment.

The fact that a book filled with stories too dumb to make it into an episode of Xena Princess Warrior continues to be used as the guide for human behavior after all this time is truly fcuking mind boggling."
Got to agree with you there Convoy, its a book for the gullible and the easily led.

Have seen more realistic and true to life episodes of Sabrina the teenage witch.

The Life of Brian is far more believable
Try the following for some amusing answers to God botherers:

my favourites are "don't use Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded bigoted assehole"

"I've got nothing against God, it's his fanclub I can't stand"
Good bit of kit.

Apart from Genisis which isn't literal you's symbolic.

It still applies, don't accept the silly bits like killing gays (they were written by elderly bearded homophobes) but to be honest the framework is sound.

Be kind, share, respect the poor, help when you short...leave the world a little better than when you came into it.

How is that pointless? It's essential.



Civilian_In_Green said:
Good bit of kit.

Be kind, share, respect the poor, help when you short...leave the world a little better than when you came into it.

People were doing that before they wrote the Bible
Right up there with the upcoming book about Jessica Lynch - solid lessons to be learned mixed in with what may or may not have actually happened.

Couldn't care less one way or t'other.
Nah don't do it for me. Prefer to read a good commando comic :D
its full of tips for military life . like if your commander runs you ragged
and then leads you to water drop your weapon stick your head in and drink like a cow and you get the night off.
Funny when i told the padre that he said i had mis understood
the story . :lol:
People have been living for the good of other since the start of time but it is good to have somthing solid to refer to. A book which you can draw comfort from.
It was never a revelation, many of it's ideas are similar to Aristotellian theory hundreds of years before and Plato's theory of forms and "The Form of The Good" corresponds greatly to Judaeo-Christian ideas of Heaven, afterlife and God.

I don't care if it's already been done, it's a great thing to live your life by.

What a puff!
ive only ever read what ive been forced to read, so heres my opinion on it,
it can be a good thing to look too in certain times but other than that i think it is Sh*t.

the die hard followers do scare me though... :?
Seconded. As previously mentioned, wanna be an officer? Put that shit in your bergen or you'll get the "god botherer" tag and the only reason the guys will do as they are told is because they have to, not because they want to - theres a big fcuking difference :wink:

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