The Bible Code

I first read this book back in '98 and feel increasingly uncomfortable with its reference to the Middle east (in particular Israel) and the prediction of events in 2006.

Has anyone else read this book, what did you think of it and its impact on todays foreign affairs?
Gaze at my chrystal can see it coming :wink:

Not read it ....any good? What's the plotline?
The plotline is were all doomed if you believe the predictions made in the bible when you take the letter of the text dictated by some unfathomable mathematical progression and then read it backwards in Hebrew with a healthy dose of I want to believe potion flowing through your veins.

All well and good and as valid as any other predictions based on ancient texts but I must say seriously open to interpretation and fiddling.

You remove all the gaps between the words of the Bible to form one continuous strand of Hebrew letters. Yes, the maths is complicated (but seeing as none of us have experience in quantum physics then I give the scientist the benefit of the doubt). In the main, you can read the code without having to read backwards.


Isn’t that supposedly a secret code in the bible that has predicted all the major events of history?
As an atheist and someone who doesn’t believe in fate, I’d say it’s a load of bollix.
Interesting idea though.

Didn’t Nostradamus predict that around this time we should expect an Arab in a blue turban to stat the 3rd world war and bring about armageddon? He’s supposed to be the anti-christ.


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This does assume of course that the new testament is anything other than four contradictory stories and some letters about a pre-marxist agitator who got nailed to a bit of wood for gobbing off about trade union rights and sharing his fishpaste sandwiches with 5000 communists.
They tried Michael Drosnin's (author of The Bible Code ) methods of "decryption" on other books of equal length, mainly War and Peace. He insists that no other book produces the same results but this has since been disproved.

Drosnin is reported to have once said, "When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby-Dick, I'll believe them."

Said critics promptly produced an analysis of Moby-Dick predicting not only Indira Ghandi's assassination, but the assassinations of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Yitzhak Rabin, as well as the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

In other words, it's a pile of poo whether you're an atheist or not!
they've worked out you can apply this maths to any book you like and you'll get the messages you want to see .....

in other words it's a crock of sh1t ...

bit like the bible.
It's called "data mining". If you take a data set large enough and apply a mathematical algorithm complicated enough, you can get it to just about confess to anything. Another example of this is the so-called "hockey stick" climate change model - the algorithm mines the data for points which fit the hockey stick. So some other scientists fed the model random data, and found that no matter what it was fed, it always mined the data for this hockey stick progression. And yet we're spending trillions of dollars (through Kyoto) based on this fundamentally flawed model!
Moodybitch said:
but seeing as none of us have experience in quantum physics
Most patently untrue!

Though, I am at a loss to see what a theory that deals only with the movement of 'things' at less than 10 -23 M (how do you do superscript?) would have anything to do with a string of letters in a book. Just because some of the interpretations involved in what is going on at the sub-fundamental level are a little strange (see the copenhagen interpretaion and the many worlds theory) does not make quantum mechanics any less mundane than the rest of physics.

It is just a very accurate set of equations that explain the movement of quanta. Thats all

Ahhh my kind, i'll climb back in shall I..............have you set up the vial of poison gas and the random radioactive decay?..............don't worry I'll let you know if the cat dies.
It's all true - I've just looked at an inauspicious aricle in The Sustainer (in-house magazine of blokes like me sat at desks doing unchallenging jods for which we've trained a total of 166 weeks over the course of our pseudomilitary career). The article is on page 351 and entitled "ABF's First Winner Carrington Drum Award" - notice the complete lack of the word "of" - not a mistake, I can assure you. If you take remove the first word, then select every other word: First Carrington Award - you find an anagram of "Fragrant or Drastic Win." A mere anomaly, until you see the hand of the Army Benevolent Fund, itself an off shoot of Opus Dei and Hamas. Army Benevolent fund is an anagram of "eventful, bonny dream." When you take into account the eventful dream I had about Claudia Lieberman, a big bowl of jelly and 4 Romany dwarves last night, it has a chilling resonance - especially when you realise that Claudia Lieberman is an anagram of "An incurable ideal."

Talk of dreams, ideals and victories can't help but be linked to government's blissful denial of the islamic problem. Tony, The Sustainer has offered it's chilling warning - ignore it at your peril.
Having studied the latest Harry Potter book at great length, and applied many of the latest reading interpretational techniques, it quite clearly predicts the rising in power of Dark forces, and the Death of the leader of the righteous.
There was a good documentary on the boble code not too lang ago. Blew the whole thing out of the water.

Some further reading for you

If some people believe that the face of jesus or mary or whatever can appear on a piece of toast then it's hardly surprising some will cling to this b0ll0x too.
If you play Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club record backwards it fortells of the day when the 'Pope Smokes Dope and we all go to Heaven in a little row boat'...

(you gotta drop a lotta acid first though)


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