The Bi-Annual Milton Keynes Freakfest

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mac_uk, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. It is that time of year again, the z-list scifi "stars" congregate on Milton Keynes to fob off autographs too gormless geeks.

    While I was trying to fight my way through the mong hordes all clamouring to get a photo taken with such stars as "Third Elf from the left", "Batmans Stuntman" and other such celeb megastars I noticed what has to be classed as the ultimate in waltdom, Star Wars Walts:


    Then I found that they were really an organisation of Star Walts that thinks they are the 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtrooper. That has to beat 49 Para. They even have a webby.
  2. Funny to hear you bitch about them yet you attend the event in middleton hall.

    I live in Mk too yet have managed to avoid said geekfest
  3. [​IMG]

    I bet Carrie Fisher likes it in the bum.

  4. Wasn't attending, trying to fight my way through to get to the shops after I parked in the free places at that end. Didn't know it was on.

    Although admittedly, it is quite pleasant seeing the 19 year old university wenches dressed up in all sorts of kinky stuff because they want to look like some japanese cartoon.

  5. Pictures please :drool:
  6. "Was'nt attending...did'nt know it was on..."

    Riiiiggghhhttttt! :twisted:

    Stop being so repressed - come out of the closet, mate! :D
  7. Seconded! :boogie:
  8. I wonder if she kept the little gold out fit.
  9. I ran into one of these walt's at my local giving it large about how he was on sick leave after getting knocked off his speeder bike by a team of insurgent Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. He had a sack load of stories about his time in the sand pit ( Tatooine) and how he got copped for this two headed bird in a bar at Mosisly who gave him a blow job and licked his ricker at the same time and how he led the assault on the rebel base on the Ice planet of Hoth.

    He seemed like the real deal until he made the mistake of claiming to have been the first man on the Balcony at the royal palace of Naboo, as we all know it was either dingger or smudge. Funny how none of them ever claim to have been a garbage compactor operator on a Death Star.
  10. Oh I don't know. Whilst a lot of them can be complete berks some of the people that dress up as stormtroopers can be half decent. The new armour might leave something to be desired protection-wise but aesthetically it is rather appealing. :)



  11. Take a look at the size of their membership list. Thames Valley Police must have an easy time of it when Imperial Stormtroopers deploy to Milton Keynes in company strength.

    They do seem to do some some good work for the community. Here's one about to put a laser bolt through mockney cnut, Damon Albarn's noggin:
  12. Erm, *raises hand* My names Veritas and I'm a sci fi costumer.

    I wasnt at MK this weekend because there was a living history market I needed to buy kit at.

    But yes, usually I am a geek and I attend these events in a costume of some sort. I have

    X wing dress uniform
    Farscape Prowler pilot
    Slytherin school robes
    Futurama DOOP uniform

    Various other costumes that only fellow geeks would recognise. Its a a laugh, I enjoy it.

    The fem troopers are an american thing, you see them at the big US conventions, and the leia bikini? You cant bloody move in the US for women in that costume.