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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Lucy, Mar 1, 2003.

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  1. I am a wee bit concerned to be honest. Yesterday I spent nearly £20 sending red cross parcels over to my beloved. Simple things were in there, morale boosters eg: paintings by the kids and suchlike; food more food and baby wipes. (he is is a hot sandy place)

    Is it right that we should be charged so much money for sending food (mainly) to men (who by all accounts are in pretty rough conditions)  and family stuff (as there are still no phones working so far in this deployment so they can call home)? My point is even more wound up when you take in to consideration that Brtish troops don't even get the same financial rewards as our counter parts do for deployments/operations etc, deifinitely not the same equipment and second rate conditions, then they have to pay through the arse for postage to get the wee morale boosts that they really look forward to to them ???

    Come on, even after the small discount we do get the charges are still excessive! Surely we should be making it easier for them to stay positive out there? How do privates etc manage on their wages? Think back guys, remember how pleased you all were to get your parcels?
  2. Yes... parcels are very important and the small items you mention really do make all the difference.

    It would be wonderful if for example, if the Government gave Army dependants free postage but in these cost cutting times, I very much doubt it.

    Canvass your MP.. and help spread the word. However in the meantime, keep sending the parcels because they mean so much to those who recieve them.  :)
  3. Well don't we all know it!!
    Hey if you do not send us those parcels, we may not be able to win this possible war and so fourth!!
    Please don't forget about the poor unfortunate soldiers that have to go through so much to make the world a better place!! :) ;)
  4. I heard that the PM in the House of Commons said something along the lines of .... free parcels up to 2kg to the Gulf once hostilities are over.

    Anyone else aware of this ?
  5. No.  But it would make a significant difference to many with loved ones, friends or family out there.

    Great idea though Ramilles.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Link this to the likely mobilisation of many TA Posties, as mentioned in the TA/Mobilisation thread today.

    Those parcels won't get lost and broken on their own, you know ;D
  7. The BFPO site isn't very clear on the sending of parcels as opposed to packets to the Gulf.
    Or maybe I'm just having a blonde moment :p
    I have a parcel to send which weighs 2kg.
    It is the size of a large shoe this acceptable under the 'Forces Freepost' conditions?
    Advice greatly appreciated.
  8. Now this one I like!

    By blonde moment did she mean she had been drinking paroxide?

    Later Peeps.
  9. So B Liar and his little gang have caved in - by the time this is up and running it will be nigh on a year since the end of the war !
  10. Lumme, just seen this.

    Well done, the Sweaties, embarrasing the Blur-man into getting this sorted.

    Now, what to send, to "allegedly" naughty soldier lads in Sandy States? My firm has a number of clients out there and my welfare packages are mostly FHM/suncream based. Any suggestions?

    Baby wipes? The mind boggles.... :wink:
  11. Have you been there? Baby wipes are what people live on out there.

  12. Gosh Darn it, dont they feed 'em nor nothin'? :)