The Betrayal Of Our Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baddass, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. BB. Is that you?
  2. Err... what? Sounds a bit BB to me too... 8O
  3. Ok , I guess that was a cut and paste, someone else wrote the article? never sure not being a computer genius, however biggest load of claptrap I have read so far, if it is cut and paste then there is two that believe that drivel. While I concede due to its length and ambiguous(sp) nature of the way it is written, there is one or two points that maybe valied in it.
    Politicians have always lied , "peace in our time" wasnt a lie? lets not take this "bleeding heart" article too seriously, the current climate in the world means we have to fight different kinds of wars to what our parents did, I hate the way Iraq in the article was called a "soveriegn nation" we (GB & UK) are a soveriegn nation do we go round gassing our own ?
    lets not put Saddam on a pedestal which is what some of these lefty pc reporters are trying to do.
  4. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    written by Andy McNab... of Bravo two zero fame.

    The poster does allude to this in the first line, but then it's not clear where the quoting starts.

    All after "sacrifices...." is the quote.

  5. I'm lead to believe it's BB. Cut and pasting as usual because it has a SF element to it. But knowing BB, she'll have you believe she had a chat with Andy. The sad cow is back.
  6. probably not as they had no comms and the paras up the road were having major problems with theirs.

    But its stuff like that that is making the army look like a cowboy outfit.
  7. Gotta say, as cynical as I am, I will be pretty pi55ed if this story about the RMP and 20 rds a man turns out to hold water.

    Do the Army, or politicians, never learn anything? (I'm thinking those 2 Signals Corporals who were buthchered in '89, during the funeral procession of some terrorist twat or other).

    What, working in a country with a political vacuum and surfeit of weapons isn't dangerous enough then? I'll bet when TB and/or Buff Hoon went over there, every soldier in their protection team had sh1tloads of ammo!

    And I can't agree that it would have made no difference. 6 blokes with 300 rounds each is a lot a dead bodies. At least they could have gone down fighting and taken some of the ba5tards with 'em. It is what I would have wanted, if I found myself in that situation. Not cursing some fooking pen pusher somewhere for taking me rounds off me.

    Other armies (US, Australian, Canadian, German, even the fuccin French!) wouldn't put guys on the ground like that. They must think we're a right load of muppets for even putting up with it!

    Whatever you do though, don't forget the promise back in '97 - 'Things can only get better!' If this is better, I'm not even gonna think about what that shower of sh1t we call a government thinks is worse!!!

    2 years and counting.....can't come a day too soon!
    You really think Labour will get voted out?

    The British population are pathetic with the memory span of a goldfish...they'll get voted in again.
  9. I fear Eagle is right.

    Bliar and Brown will make more empty promises and manifesto pledges they have no intention of honouring, and the few who bother to vote will fall for it again.
  10. not so sure even if he does get reelected it will be with a much smaller majority. I think the war could be his undoing
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    Shes back........................................................
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  13. wow, what an amazing coincidence, BB and SF, which may not be SF at all.