The Best

Is it just me or does antone else out there think that Love, Honour and Obey is the best Ganster movie ever made. My reasoning
a. It's British
b. It was written by 2 Brits
c. It's fcuking funny
d. The characters are awesome
e. The acting is outstanding
f. Denise Van Outen talking Italian

Why was it never nominated for an Oscar?
Try here mate


The "Fix bayonets" shout gets me every time :D
Not seen it :oops:

Is it up there with 'Lock Stock' or (IMO) the best British gangster movie ever ... 'The Long Good Friday'?

Cheers for that SH. I couldn't be arrsed looking all the way back to see if it had been done before. Still, LH&O is so good it deserves another mention. :salut:

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