The best/ worst Knocking Shops!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ArmySurplusSpecial, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. As we can see we have a thread detailing the best/worst night spots visited, how about the best/ worst knocking shops we have frequented (or heard about if the missus is about)!!

    ill start with:

    Club Eros, SchloB Neuhaus (paderborn/sennelager way on) Quality establishment i frequented on a regular basis due to the fact the barman didnt mind you just drinking and generally letching (as long as you werent a pain in the arrse)

    The Cement Factory, Paderborn (Helle Werk). Turn left for top quality :roll: 100DM beauties or turn right for bargain 50DM munters!!

    The Pink House, Fallingbostal. If you went with a certain Big, Jock, Bomb Disposal type then the beer was free due to his frequent visits!! Quality :D
  2. Best - Mon Cheries - West Berlin
    Worst - Euroerotic Lap Dance Bar/Whore House - Tenerife (full of mutters).
  3. Why dont you also add as to why they are the best and why they are the worst! Must be some stories out there!
  4. RTFQ


    AKA Tha' Coo Hooss. Expensive pens apparently.
  5. Being happily married I've never been to this place, but their advert is a full page spread (right word?) on the back of the Muenster Yellow Pages, as well as down the side of several taxis.

    I have however visited the website late at night...
  6. theres just no pleasing you is there!! :wink: :wink:

    ok, any funny stories can be added at BB's request!!
  7. The York International in Dubai is hoofing. Its a nightclub where all the females are, ahem, working. And there are some outstanding looking females there! The place is huge and the bar is over 60ft long if I,err, my mate, remembers correctly!!!! :oops:
  8. Caberet Nicghtclub in Gutersloh was much the same. They had some fine Polish fillies.

    I quite liked passing the Camper vans which used to be on the Autobahn pull off which we used to have to take to get to Hohne - some "lovely" ladies in bras and knickers sitting behind the wheel of the vans waiting for some businessman on way north from Hnnover to come get some.

    On way down to Prague (over border from Chemnitz) they would line the windows. In the rain, saw then standing in the middle of the road in just knickers touting. HAd to cover the eyes of Mrs GBTD - I obviously nearly crashed at this point!
  9. this just reminded me of the "layby lils" on the B1 to Detmold/Hameln!! if the curtains were open, in you go, if they were shut, drive on by!!

    Dubai, another one i forgot about, similar situation in the "Hyatt Regency" hotel there, huge club filled with eastern european women. was there in march and july this year. Ah, the joys!!

    editted due to being a mong
  10. :lol:

    Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies.
  11. The road that ran from Celle out towards the Hanover autobahn - 217? Lots of ladies of the night plying their trade in camper vans - red light in the front cab.

    There was a spate of 'shoplifting' - an obvious squaddie turned up and insisted on the kinky stuff - he ties her up, has his wicked way with her and runs off without paying - silly git leaves this little bag of dna behind every time.

    It didn't take the GCP too long to find him - a member of 14 Sigs - it was true to say on this occasion that 'the quietest ones are the worst'.

    Last I heard he was doing time.
  12. 'Eckies' in Bielefeld and of course the infamous Rauls Rose Garden in Belize (the horror, the horror)...

  13. The Sportsman's in Nanuki in Kenya must be up there with the worst. Incredibly ugly "girls" who would do it for the price of a couple of bottles of Tusker - I wouldn't touch em with someone else's bargepole! a highly recommended night on the beer though.
  14. another i forgot was a strip joint in Veracruz, Mexico. Golden Girls i think.

    as soon as i went for a private dance, the door was closed, bolted and i was asked by the gorgeous, and i mean gorgeous mexican chica if i wanted "sucky". i said no.......... obviously :)
  15. Any in Canada???

    Some of the ones in Sydney, Australia looked OK. My mate (really) never tried them. Neither did I actually.