The best way to masterbate

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. I just had to share this trick as it is just the best way I could come up with to relieve myself after fantasizing over a hot woman with massive t*ts... wait until you have a massive b*ner and whack a sock over (thin stretchy or even coolmax are the best) and insert between 2 pillows (you can use another pillow to replicate the boobies and stuff your face in) and bobs your uncle after furiously romping the 2 pillows with that image of the hot woman in your head you'll have fired your load in NO time! :excited:
  2. Are you in the RAF?
  3. All that fucking effort for a ham shank? You could use less energy going out and getting a bit of minge.

  4. Sounds more like a cadet
  5. You... Sad... Fuck...

    I don't know whether to laugh at the fact you go through all this, or cry because it seems like you have a problem with Premature
  6. Sounds more like an AI...
  7. Thats not hard to work out seeing as how I post in the ACF/OTC forums... as well as TA
  8. You were posting shite last night, shut the fuck up and try your new school trousers on.
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  9. Wouldn't an AI have a couple of cadets to use instead of pillows?
  10. You could try one of these if you're really desperate. :?
  11. And just why did you feel the need to share this and more importantly why did you think any of us would be interested?
  12. I don't know... it just feels so good after a dissapointing saturday night out on the lash
  13. Are you even old enough to drink?

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  14. Do you really think there is ANYONE who posts here that needs fucking tips on how to wank :?
  15. Well, my batman could use a few tips, to be honest.
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