The best way to get to Bergen...

Discussion in 'Travel' started by usmarox, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a sad cnut, so I've decided I want to go back and visit Bergen/Celle for a few days next year.

    Now, I don't have a car, and anyone I knew who lived there left years ago, so I'll have to do it all off my own back, and this is where it gets tricky.

    IIRC, the nearest passenger station is Celle. I have no idea how to get from Celle to Bergen (Dad always drove); I'm sure there's a bus, but my German's rusty as fcuk and I don't know for sure. I'm guessing the nearest airport is Hannover, and that a train from Hannover to Celle is pretty straightforward.

    Can anyone in situ help out at all? Even a steer towards something in English would be handy...

  2. Flight from Aberdeen-Bergen

    Car Ferry Scrabster-Lerwick-Bergen
  3. Thanks for that, unfortunately it only covers garrison transport and nothing about the local civvy kind.

    Think you've got the wrong Bergen mate :) I'm after this one.
  4. That is Bergen Norway.....

    For Bergen Hohne, from Celle to Hohne there is a bus service (can't remember the number) but I can't recall a train.

    Failing that taxi.

    There is a hotel just off the main cross roads (near the pubs, kebab shop and of course Mic macs) also. Can't remember the name of that place either!!!
  5. Are you visiting old units or just the knocking shops? :)

    I know there used to be a bus that went from Hohne - Outside the Kebab shop, all the way back to the UK. I booked one from Hohne to Reading for a few DMs but managed to get smashed and missed it!

    Get on the Garrison website and see if any units are having any events - might be something you can piggy-back on.

    I'll have a look - see if I've got me Celle & Hohne map handy. (There are some lay-bys marked on some roads for reasons unbeknown to me :) )
  6. Cheers....I'd mostly just be going back to visit my childhood home, although if I could get onto camp and have a look round that'd be nice too. The missus and I both have MOD90's - do you need anything else?

    Dusting off my GCSE German and trying to read the local bus company's website at the moment....
  7. Being on a military website have you thought of asking for a lift from someone returning to Hohne Garrison post Christmas leave?
  8. Totally misunderstood :oops:
  9. Gah, i remember driving a mercedes sprinter from Lydd to Bergen, Dont get me wrong once you reach the fatherland's motorways its ok but my god bergen is a grim place, i also remember my first encounter with a lay-by lil when i pulled over to check the map with me torch then comes a tap at the window from a 30 somthing brunette sporting kinky underwear and a smile, thought i hit the jackpot! :(
  10. You mean she did, with a minibus of blokes pulling up :D
  11. lots of posts most irevelant

    mic macs closed 8-10 years ago

    the only rail link is the flats for the ranges.

    Taxis are too expensive

    You may be able to get a Fahr Karte which has a route plan for your journey including buses

    Have you thought of getting the mil bus from Hannover? when the trooper lands?

    3 x knocking shops in bergen now.

    Belsen was your childhood home? Whats quarters patch did u live on? Hate to disapoint but most of the MSQ's are being knocked down
  12. Well, this is ArRSe, mate.

    If you want pukka travel advise watch 'wish you were fcuking here'. :D

  13. Were you one of the fat birds in the corner then?