the best way to clean your mess tins?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, May 31, 2006.

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  1. how do u clean your mess tins?
  2. Quality!
  3. I use a dish washer.
  4. sand
  5. Go and ask your QM for a box of Mess Tin Cleaning Kits and a crate of grid squares.
  6. Wet tea bag or better still some scotch brite!

    Or if you're really lucky, get someone else to do it!
  7. Wire cup brush and a battery drill.
  8. How does he come up with all these wonderful threads?

    Will you publish a book with all your "Top Tips" one day 5.56mm?
  9. Find a cadet with spikey hair. Tie him to the power take-off. Add a handful of sand. Insert head in mess tin. Rev engine. Disinfect mess tin. Job done.
  10. I thought 5.56 was our resident internet military instructor?

    Oh well, i will submit a few things that i have seen/ tried/ or neglected in the past with mess tins, dirty, pre field inspection;

    Tea bag from your brew works a treat

    Rub the black carbon off the bottom of the mess tin on the grass/ dead leaves/ sand etc

    You can pack a film case with some washing up liquid and cut a brillo pad in half and if you have enough water you can do a fairly domesticated washing up thing... but people will laugh at you... but then again you wont have the runs or dysentry

    Alternatively you can buy those gucci non stick black mess tins, a delight to clean and also very good for you spec ops sneaky beeky super ninja warriors!
  11. on a serious note, spit on it and wipe it on the grass if you are talking about removing hexi shite.
  12. Wipe the inside with a folded slice of bread. Bite, chew and swallow the discoloured portion of the bread. Repeat until clean.
  13. Mess tins are for gay mincing pooves.

    Real men only eat raw meat from freshly killed animals.

  14. Alternatively, you should all have joined a really good Cavalry Regiment and 'do lunch' where someone else takes your plates away............'mess tins', how vulgar !
  15. Grass is the one while its still warm.

    Good to see you back 5.56mm, rather than your mong alter ego