The best way to clean boots?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by somersetlady, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Ok before you all start laughing or screaming at me this is a genuine question. How are you supposed to clean your boots? Do you clean them of yuk, then polish them with just parade gloss or do you heat the parade gloss first & then polish them? I keep getting different advise & Im stummped now! :? I have a passion for polishing boots, which comes from me being a show jumper! Odd I know sorry lol... Any information & no rude comments would be greatful. :D
  2. Clean (let dry), polish then parade gloss.
  3. I assume you mean, cleaning and polishing combat boots here?
  4. There is a really useful guide on arrsepedia pal, Some ex household cav has listed it the way it should be. As for being sad, when you're in training, bulling your boots is quite therapeutic whilst chilling in the evening
  5. What sounds odd to me is that a person who claims a passion for polishing boots is asking how to clean them?
    If you have such a passion for polishing boots, I'd imagine you would know already how that at least.

    For a better shine than usual, as I am assuming thats what you are after, click on this-
  6. How would a member of the R Signals know?


  7. Thats the badger i was on about Lofty, cheers pal
  8. I'm suprised it hadn't already been posted three times in the time I was typing to be honest!
  9. Well yes I forgot to say that polishing combat boots are different to polishing real leather boots. You cant use parade gloss on them. So yes, polishing combat boots. God knows why I like doing it I dont know. But thank k you for your help lol. :D
  10. I've watched my bellboy do it...................
  11. Can I have one. I qualified today, so am officially a bastard!
  12. Hi young lofty.. I have just read the information on the web site you suggested & its good information. Many thanks for that. I have a go later. Thanks again. :)
  13. Somersetlady are you a lady as this could make our replies slightly different.
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