The Best TV Theme Tune...


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To be fair, i was thinking of adding that as well, but thought that it would be added in due course anyway... =D


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Get a grip chimps. The best is

Do you see what I did there?
Monkey good choice.......BUT I feel this is a close runner......BIG BREAK........Its only a game so put up a real big fight,were gone be snookering you tonight...Catchy or what.............iM pIssEd


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It's got to be either The Professionals or Magnum PI-I've got both as ringtones on my mobile :oops:


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Geez, Louise, guys..

Got to be the Persuaders [ Roger Moore/Tony Curtis] the only thing good about the show..
The Danger Man theme [ later seasons - and No, I don't mean the crappy US add-on Secret Agent Man song ]

And, since we're talking Patrick McGoohan.. what's wrong with the Prisoner theme...

though, for sheer immediate response.. Rossini's William Tell Oberture as used by the Lone Ranger.. truly iconic...
putteesinmyhands said:
Only if you are whistling it from the chair in the Day Centre :) I was taught about such televisual moving images in History Studies at school

The earliest iconic tune I heard "just as you were being sent to bed but really didn't want to go as you knew the following program would be brilliant" was The Sweeney. My coming of age was when I was allowed to stay up and watch it.

Close second being The Professionals.

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