The best tech postings???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SuperRedDevils, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. What are the best postings for CSEs/Techs, in terms of career progression???
  2. Extra question marks don't make it more of a question. just use one and your posting (on here) will improve your career progression.
  3. Depends on your idea of 'pregression'.

    Avoid large, green units with words like Headquarters and Signals in them. Lads are all right, but the role is gash and they tend to attract the more 'warry' types with a penchant for crazy ideas like early parades and general fcuk aroundery.

    Small units, pref with less than 50 in. That's the way ahead.

    Trials and dev teams are quite technically challenging too.

    Give 18 a whirl too.
  4. c_f, I would disagree to be fair. With the CSR role as it is at the moment, the jobs in the Regts' and Divs' are quite diverse and (mainly) enjoyable.
    A lot of people are enjoying 'out of trade' jobs which stops life becoming stale and pradictale.
  5. True, I've managed to steer clear a fair few years recently.

    To the OP, keep an eye out for trawls, these could be for some interesting jobs that are purely operational with no peacetime units.