The best TACTICAL watch

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mkorak, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Any ideas on the most commonly used watch in forces or what would be the best.

    I eman the Traser (H3) watches are great, the P6506 Titan Commander etc is lovely but it constantly glows, surely this is not very tactical even though advertised as a military watch.
    I reliase u could cover it with a velcro wacth cover but then the noise of lifting the velcor could be gleemed non preferrable.

    The casio g-shock series are robust but then again they either glow or you need to turn on a light, tis again could give away your position and the starps on these always seem to break or become brittle.

    There is an absolute plethora of watches out there and certainly hundreds geared towards military use and advertised as "current SF issue" etc.

    What are guys using ? what is good combination. battery, solar pwoer, automatic, GTLS inserts for glow, etc etc.
  2. Auld-Yin

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  3. I've got one of these:
    Automatic so no batteries to go wrong, not as perfect in time as a quartz but right to within 1 - 2 seconds a day. Glows well enough.

    Perhaps too shiny for fieldwork mind. I love it! A snip at £399!

    Or one of these for £79
    Or free on issue as Auld Yin rightly observes.
  4. I've always found that a G Shock works wonders and takes a fair bit of battering.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    G 1098 or Army Form G1098 is the form used to sign kit out to soldiers on a temporary loan. i.e. it is kit for use for a particular job/exercise/ops and is returned to stores (if not nicked) at the end of said period.

    The G1098 Arse issued to QAs is a bit a misnomer as in fact they do not return them to the stores. They should be signed out on G1157 as they never finish with them! :thumleft:
  6. Yeah i realise the G1098 is a form for kit loan (as in g1098 girlfriend) hadnt heard of the G1098 Arse issue to QA's, LOL.

  7. From a saddo with a fixation around watches I would say you have an almost infinite choice of what you want.

    Something that costs £10 from Argos may suit you fine. Your 3 - 4 hundred quid Traser will have the same battery operated bits inside and will keep the same time. Any quartz watch is accurate enough.

    Personaly I prefer auto watches but check who makes the movement.

    Rolex sports model or a Panerai are the dogs b**locks, but these are very expensive and you may not want to wear it in the field. (Submariners used to be Navy issue - didn't loads go down with the Conveyor ? and Panerai are Italian Navy issue) Both have well marked faces that will continue to glow for 5-6 hours.

    Omegas' Seamaster range or Tudor Submariner (Aquanaut) are top notch, but the Omega's hands and markers are particularly bright in the dark.

    Ollech & Wajs are styled on a Submariner with a good Swiss movement and are a good price ( seems a good seller who has had an interweb presence for ages)

    Invicta have a range of auto watches that look very similar to popular 'luxury' brand watches. They have Japanese Miyota movement that makes them very affordable ( have the 8926 model for a cracking price)

    Most auto watches have about a 36 to 44 hours power reserve, but it depends what you have done over the last 10 hours with your wrist. An auto might not have the sustained accuracy of a quartz, but there is no battery to replace. (and they always run out at the most inopportune time)

  8. Cheap arse digitial if you cant get one signed out imo.No dramas if it gets broke.Unless you can afford to lose an exspensive watch I would not want to take one into the field.

  9. Agree totally.

    Also, see my previous here.

  10. Generally, I buy them from the bottom end of the Argos range. Normally Timex Ironman type, as they have various count downs, count ups and alarms. I also like to have two time zones, so I know what time it is back home.
  11. yeah i was thinking along the ironman range, reliable make, features and cheap to replace.
    Glad someone concurs, nice one.

  12. Is it just me or does anyone else out there have a weird penchant for watches, since i posted the first question and i have started to dig and look around at the various flavours available im getting starngely excited (oh wait for it, watch the replies to that one)

    Anyways somit about little bits of plastic with numbers and buttons on it, thought i love the look of the trasers...i eman comin a few hundred quid when a g-shock will probably outlast and certainly out feature one anyday.

    And whay do they advertise them as "as used by Special forces" what because one guy from THEM chose to buy one FFS....

    Anywayss im reckoning casio or timex ironmans are looking favourites in terms of rich feature sets, cheap, reliable and loads of plastic with numbers on it .... :thumleft:
  13. I wouldn't suggest that I have a weird penchant for watches, but I do know what I like when it comes to time pieces...

    I bought a 50 quid G Shock a few years back. Never went wrong, kept good time, battery didn't run out. This was mainly because I lost it after around 4 months. Poor admin, I know, but I had an epiphany because of this:

    Why spend 50 quid on a watch when I lose them before they break or stop working? Why spend that much on a watch when the only functions I use are the light, the watch and the alarm (no real need for a countdown, stop watch, etc in the field)? I also found the GShock illuminator back light really bright when I pressed it at night, as well as the fact that it stayed on for about 5 seconds.

    I found that for 7.99 I could get a Casio F91W (ask for it by name!), with an old fashioned bulb back light which is bright enough to read the time by. It has an alarm and is so cheap and light that I bought two and kept the second in my bergan. The battery has never run out and it always works. Now if I lose my watch I just grab the spare from my bergan and crack on.

    The Casio F91W. One to remember.