The Best T shirt Slogan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Earlier thread brought this to mind.

    What is the best / worst / most appropriate T slogan?
  2. "Rather my sister a whore, than my brother a craphat" and "ARMY be the best" with the A and Y of army crossed out both made me laugh.
  3. Last seen in the bottom bar, Mount Pleasant Complex

    RAF Roundel in the center of the shirt.

    Above - RAF

    Below - See the person, not the disability.

    Laugh, I nearly shitmesell!
  4. god is airbourne because he failed the commando course
  5. You can turn a frog into a Prince but you can't turn a Prince into a Royal Marine.
  6. I'm with HAZMAT, if you see me running away, try to keep up
  7. Picture of an Apache with "Don't bother to run: you'll just die tired".
  8. It takes practise to be a bastard.
  9. As a connoisseur of shit T-shirts, I was on "Make Bono History" and the dead on "Coldplay Are Shit" like tramps around spilled chips. But the personal favourite in my wardrobe, the one T-shirt to rule them all...:


    Goes down a storm in Gloucester.
  10. FRONT: Worlds best Dad!
    BACK: I fucked your mum.

    FRONT: Im with stupid >>
    BACK: National Association of Special Needs Carers.

    FRONT: Jesus loves you!
    BACK: Everyone else thinks your a cunt.
  11. One that was polpular in Sudan when I was there:

    VSO - The Empire Strikes Back

    One I've always wanted to make is a picture of David Baddiel, Noel Edmonds or Henry Kelly and the logo
    "Genetics Destroyed My Village"
  12. Simply:

    "Undercover Police"

    "Witness Protection Program"

    People actually ask if you're a member of them!
  13. Ruckerwocman - THAT gets you several pints...laughed myself ill.... :D
  14. large print "peace"
    bellow it a side silouet view of an M16 (this was about 20years ago)
    under it "through superior fire power"