The best Shotgun for Pigeon Shooting

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Thoughts? I'm tempted by a semi (fnar fnar) as I don't really want to be bashing my beretta round in the hide all day and the side by side has way too much recoil as a result of its weight (or lack of). If anyone has experience with anything or if you prefer an OU for hide shooting let me know. Not really looking at anything over £700 new or second hand. I just don't want to be too precious about it!
  2. I used to use a secondhand Miroku 6000 o/u, it was good for lugging around in rough ground as well, didn't have to worry about scratches on the woodwork. Never had any problems with it in over 20 years & I got it very cheaply as well!
  3. A big **** off, automatic one with plenty of balls in.
  4. Firstly, one that fits you and that you therefore can hit the quarry with.

    If length is an issue, then a semi or pump is the last thing you want, they're also on the heavy side. How about a nice old side-by-side ejector? Fast enough to reload, short, and nice and light.
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  5. browning A 5, series 1 landrover of the shotgun world, not pretty but cheap and they work .
  6. Double trigger too probably, which is useful when you want more choke to go for a longer range bird first rather than lose him when you drop his closer mate. It's a much more natural method of selecting barrels than a switch on the safety and probably more robust too.

    Don't forget a leather barrel protector though, fingers can get quite cooked at evening rush hour otherwise.

  7. A5`s are very good , also consider a 870 Remington pump , cheap, reliable and last for donkeys years.
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  8. What about a Greener GP? cost you about 120 - 200 squid..

    They used to be the stock in trade of the old professional pigeon shooters and are built like a brick shithouse..

    I have had one for years, and they re brilliant for lamping bunnies or rough shooting - you have to hit with the first shot though!
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  9. Although I agree that the Martini is the finest single shot action ever. Have you ever tried a GP for more than few shots? I used mine at our DTL course a few times and even just 25 rounds really knocks you about.

    Best pigeon gun? Any reliable self-loader with a big magazine. Even my Section One Beretta 302 is good if you keep stuffing the cartridges in while it still has one in the breech.
  10. Oh I know...!

    But we are not talking clays here.. you are not going to shoot that many rounds in a rough shooting session and you get a lot of gun for £120 that will last several generations. If you are wanting to blaze away, you are probably quicker over 4 shots with a GP than a double and no need for section 1 FAC..

    I would not have a GP as my only shotgun, far from it! but I still think they have a place in the golf bag..!
  11. Baxter basics on the woody cannon, pumps and autos tend to be too long if you are shooting from within a hide / cam net so they are out. I used to have a whole range of nice shotguns, Browning, Miroku, Franchi and Zoli under and overs, a scabby mossberg and a nice Churchill sidelock side by side.

    The pump gun was shit, long, loud and akward so I sacked it, but then I needed a cheap all weather replacement. I bought a baikal side by side in full & half choke, cheap wood stock, heavy triggers but with chromed barrel linings (almost no cleaning) and it works in all weathers + or -50 degrees C no probs.

    Once I got used to the trigger weight (I never attempted an adjustment, it wasn't that bad. Not for someone used to military weaponry) I found I was hitting a lot more birds with it than with my previous woody gun, the Zoli. In fact it's so uncanny that I've stopped using anything else and have since sold off all but the browning and the baikal.

    It has never needed a repair, my eyetie guns, Franchi & Zoli used to break firing pins regularly and both would sometimes double if not cleaned for some time. (oil hardening)

    It's baikal, it's not posh and its not pretty, but it fills my freezer pronto!
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  12. I shot far more with an ancient side by side hammergun than I have with anything else. The Greener GP came next followed by a BSA boxlock.

    Sadly the hammergun has a cracked stock which will cost a fortune to mend. Prices?

    Hammergun: £180
    Greener GP £70
    BSA Boxlock £30
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  13. Remington 870.
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