The Best Sapper Pub in the World...Ever!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wedge35, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. With the Corps being as large and as spread out as it is and with your average Sapper's legendary appreciation of all things alcoholic, what do you think the best Sapper pub ever is (or was)?

    Personally, my vote goes to The Cannon in Chatham. An obvious choice, perhaps, but a great night out nonetheless with the added bonus of almost always running into someone you haven't seen for years. Crap juke box tho...

  2. Top pub, had some great lock in's there. BTW, is that degennerate ex matloe Yorkie still running the place???.... top bloke, what a landlord he was, f*rkin lunatic.... mad as a hatter :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Yorkie now sadly passed away, but Pauline still running it.
  4. Isn't that place in fact an annex to the Sgts' Mess? :D
  5. Sad news and a great loss to the ranks of pint pullers :( but good to see Pauline is still running the place though. Mind, no change there as she always ran it anyway, she just never told Yorkie!!!
  6. Agreed The Cannon was brill. Any one remember The George at Chattenden? I think it died a death once the Barracks closed down and the Chavs took over the quarters. Heaving on Kareoke nights.
    While I'm thinking the Viscount at Brompton used to be good. Anyone know's what its like now?
  7. the "marquis" across from "viscount"used to have some glorious p#ss ups. as quoted the "cannon" was tip-top lost millions of braincells in that establishment thats for sure.

    "the crown" at lugershall was always a good night out when i was at tidworth but hated the forced march back to camp with my chinky-compass.

    "black bull" & "hornblower" in ripon also have looked after quite a substantial ammount of my earnings while i was at claro bks.
  8. Deffo the cannon, i popped in on a nostalgia trip a few months ago and learned of the sad news of yorkies death from Pauiline, who greeted me like a long lost son bless her, even though i hadnt been in for some 10 years....

    Still saw sveral familiar old faces, the assorted "Roys" ... Roy the bins, Roy the windows, old Roy, and ... er... Roy

    I remember several occasions being locked in, then Yorkie getting up, stumbling, saying

    "put your f*ckin money next to the till, and let yourselves out"

    and p*ssing off to bed and leaving us to it.... the money was ALWAYS there... you dont shoot the golden goose after all.

    It was indeed the WO's and Sgts mess annexe, when Dick M****ham was running the SNCO's course,arou nd 1990/1 he could oft be seen in there having a lunchtime livener after jailing the whole course for being idle :D
  9. Cannon is the default setting for sure. KGV next door is orficer country and as narrow as a narrow boat. The George at Chattenden is now a block of flats, sad, had some great nights there - before they fenced the camp there was a guard on the orficer's patch to stop drunks wandering back on a short cut.....
    Did anyone achieve the pint-in-every-bar "Rochester Mile"? This was in the days when there were (I think) seventeen pubs between Rochester Bridge and the "Hogshead" in Chav Central. Nearly made it once with J***y H**gh but a good shoeing by a bunch of matelots coming out of the Van Alten put an end to that.
    Bit of trivia - in the heydays of the Royal Dockyard - within 1 mile of the Dock Gate were circa 60 pubs - imagine that - what a crawl that must have been.
  10. The Cannon during RE Games, loads of highly tuned athletes going through warm up routines before giving an appalling performance on the pitch. (is the RE games about sport?)

    Black Dog Weymouth. The most drunk I have ever been in my life, I would like to thank the all who carried me back to camp.
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  11. forgot about weymouth, what about the steering wheel, london dome & harry's bar have got well & truely oiled in those over the years.
  12. Drive past the Viscount regularly and it always seems empty to me. Used to be packed in the late '80s. If you weren't in there by nine you weren't getting in! My formative years in the mid-eighties with 50 Fd Sqn (Const) seemed to be spent entirely in the Arches and the Bull in Maidstone, not forgetting of course the "Dog & Bunny" on the way into town. We had Tp Comds who never found it!

    I think the pubs in the Brompton area really suffered when we changed our training regime so that recruits go straight to trade training from Minley. All the trainees seem to want to do at weekends now is get home asap. During the week they don't go out as they're saving their money to get home. When I first went to Chatham, I'd already been at Maidstone for a couple of years, after a year at Junior Leaders. The majority of my course, like many, stayed at Brompton at the weekend and went on it!
  13. The_world_is_flat wrote

    aint that the truth fella, i did my a2 in 90 after 3+ years in 35 engr regt in hameln, came back with a overflowing bank account but by the end of the month was thoroughly overdrawn & in need of a liver transplant. no ps2 sh1te to keep lads in all the cse used to get on it straight after knock off.

    have we all forgotten the "sewers"(two sawyers for the un-educated) sunday afternoon in there watching the strippers OR J~~k C~~e doing a turn should they not turn up. struggling to get to the bar past all the gurkha's in their blue parkas.

    even used to end up in there with my doris & new born lad after playing fitba on a sunday morning for cecil arms in strood.

    ahhhhh good times in the days before mortgages.
  14. Knocker... Jock was on my chippies course, and a more frightening stripper i have never seen, and yet often he'd end up with more dosh that the "jack the rippers" got... incidentally and for no reason whatsoever, he's the next number on the list from me aswell...
  15. The Viscount seemed to give up the ghost in the late nineties which is a bit of a pity as Thursday nights there used to be heaving! Had completely forgotten about the Black Dog in Weymouth - that was a hell of a place as well.

    Haven't been back to Chatham since doing a search course a good few years back and have been told that squaddies have been banned from Scallies (or what ever they're calling it this week). No wonder people complain about recruits these days - that place turned boys into men and toughened you up quicker that Belfast :D