The Best Sapper Built Bars You Have Discovered?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. As the Subject Title says... What is the best Bar you have come across on tour? (Photo if possible).

    The one at REMF City on the edge of the Adriatic in Divulje Barracks, Split, Croatia (NOT BOSNIA) could be hard to beat!!! only had a handful of nights there to enjoy but that Bar was something else...

  2. dj bks bar was quality granted only had acouple of nights there also, but made the most of them.
    we had a topper of a bar in Kenya (92) with 8 fd sqn situated in the wildlife park of the "Aberdares" nothing special to look at but it more than did the job.
    only a tp of fieldies & a sect of mud muppets in the middle of nowhere but true fun & games were had by all of those who got leathered there.
    will see if i still have the photos but they may cause embarassment to some people now. :idea:
  3. The Engineers built a cracking bar at GV, remember the barman was a mad Geordie who mixed cocktails in a urine bottle.. Happy Days..
  4. I agree with the nominations for DJ Bks and the P Factory bar, but I'd also like to add the Vitez bar, built in double-quick time. Actually, it was the second building to be constructed after the Ops room, I recall...

    ...good work, fellas! :D
  5. They built the Ops Room first? How odd!
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Standards must be slipping.

    Agree that DJ Barracks must have been one of the best.

    But does anyone remember the 'Blue Oyster Bar' which briefly existed next to what is now HQ MND(SE) at Basrah Airport? Built during TELIC 1 - taken down by 3 Div on taking over TELIC 2.
  7. As a strawberry mivvie at Basrah in 2003, I thought the Bar close to where our tents were (opposite 53 Sqn RE) was a Scalies built and run Bar? must admit though, very glad to be accepted by all there! and many thanks to those of you who accepted us strawberry mivvies at your table for an ale or 2 (remembering the 2 can ruleing of course!) bit weird though how myself and 12 others who had been invited to Happy Hour with 53 by an old friend were turned away by the SSM with the words 'I don't allow Civvies in my Bar'!!! he was more a civvy than any of us stood there!!!!!

  8. Bar on the Quay next to the RFA at free town, Knocked up by 59. Royal entertained Cheryll baker 'of bucks fizz fame' to a naked bar one night

    Bar itself was a fairly simple affair with palm frond roof, but was host to some excellent mayhem and wrong doings on 2 can/2 case stella nights !!

  9. [quote="Gundulph"
    The one at REMF City on the edge of the Adriatic in Divulje Barracks, Split, Croatia (NOT BOSNIA) could be hard to beat!!! only had a handful of nights there to enjoy but that Bar was something else...


    I absolutely have to agree with you on this one. It took a while for me to believe i was sitting on a balcony watching the sunset over the adriatic as i slowly got p1ssed - and paid for it. REMFing has its moments!!!!!
  10. A looooong time ago in a Province not far away - the "Dagger Bar"* in Castle Dillon, Armagh. It even had a purpose built knocking shop next door with mood lighting for "disco" night, when busloads of "I gotta get outta here" <ahem> young ladies would do (almost) anything to get hitched and a one way ticket across the Irish Sea.

    * 59 Sqn tour 1976. Naturally, every 4 months the name changed, depending on which RE gang took over.
  11. :lol: Staaken, You are revealing an increasingly 'interesting' social history!!!

    Anyone remember the EOD Bar in Stanley? if you were not able to float in through an open window and then have the ability to 'hover' you would end up having to pay for a crate of 'Green' or 'Red' after having either stepped on a pressure pad or set off a booby trapped phone, can of beer, ashtray, toilet, bag of cheese and onion crisps, cigarette!, beer mat, beer towel, beer glass, cheese and ham toastie, cheese and onion toastie, plain cheese toastie or special cheese,ham,onion and mayo taostie!!!!! and then to add to the pleasure you had to attempt to walk around the bar following the painted footsteps, which even followed the walls and ceiling! upon failure you owed 'another' crate!!! it took 4 or 5 times entering the Bar to simply manage to make it past the hidden pressure pads and get to the Bar to order your booby trapped beer!!!

    Anything similar been constructed since?

  12. I normally ended up on stag those nights, being a utter sprog. Mind you, it had it's compensations, especially as the sangar nearest the bar/knocking shop was equipped with a Starlight scope.....
    If videos had been invented back then, I'd have made a fortune in blackmailing fees....
  13. 7 Sqn Bar Nienburg (I built it)
    73 ??? Antrim (mind fuddled) Not 33 Ind bar the other one (I built it)
    48 Sqn bar Falklands (I ran it) 8O
  14. Yeah that was one of my favourites! Although did build an awesome bar in Kenya just outside Nanyuki on some farmers land where we had SHQ. Built from bamboo if I remember rightly. We had to repair it after a pis$up got out of hand and people were flying through the walls, we left it for the farmer to use.
  15. I remember a night in an engineers bar, just outside Podujevo in Kosovo...The night was hosted by a squaddie in drag, who called itself Davina from Pristina, and irish-jigged about the place.....

    As an MP, and an invited guest, I was honoured to be involved in a game called 'spank the monkey' arrse matched the colour of my beret for a good few days afterwards...As did my face......Shouldnt have worn the damned UN MP T-shirt that night, methinks.....

    Great times.....Does anyone else remember this bar? Or have any pice of the night in question?