The Best Rugby Song ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. The world has gone soft as we all know, its not PC to sing rugby songs anymore, or at least ones that are offensive to women, ethnic minorities, handicapped people, members of other nations, or animals.

    What are the best rugby songs, the more offensive the better I say.
  2. I know what you mean about this,
    I was at the lions third test and the only thingthe lions supporters where shouting was
    'Lions, lions, lions ,lions' and that was it.

    Was well disappointed

    Nothing like a England match, where many songs are sang

    One of my fav's is swing low sweet chariot, but only if the actions are done with it!
  3. It certainly isn't Swing Low Sweet Chariot, as the Welsh say 'you can stick your fcuking chariots up your arse'! The Engineer's Song was the first I learned, at school, along with "Bestiality's Best Boys". However, I am a big fan of Has Anybody Seen JC and The Old Department Store. A jock lad I know used to perform The Tampax Factory with some brio but alas he no longer plays or indeed aficionados with us anymore...
  4. My Favorite is 'The good Ship Venus'. then ther's 'The Alphabet song'. (A is for a---hole all covered in Sh-t, and B is for B-----d who revells in it, oh eh said roly.

    Now remembering the days of the Woolwich Hospital rugby club.(It would bring teers to a glass eye). Fantastic times. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Reminding me of 'The Engineer' has given me cold sweats! Performing that on the bus back from my first match for the 1st XV was the start of a long night that led to having a Grand Slam later that night. Ooh,. even the memory is painful and degrading.

    'The Sloop John B' was also a firm favourite.
  6. Barnacle Bill - about as politically incorrect as it gets
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  7. Snap!! Here, you aren't me are you?
  8. Not the best song ever, but i did see the no8 and his weekly slapper performing the actions... :wink:

    Once a boy was no good,

    Took a girl into a wood,

    Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

    Laid her down upon the grass,

    Pinched her t**s and slapped her ass,

    Blackbird Bye, Bye,.

    Took her where nobody else could find her,

    To a place where he could really grind her,

    Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

    Rolled her over on her front,

    Shoved his prick right up her c**t,

    Blackbird Bye, Bye,.

    But this girl was no sport,

    Took her story to a court,

    Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

    Told her story in the morn,

    All the jury had a horn,

    Blackbird, Bye, Bye.

    Then the judge came to his decision,

    This poor sod got eighteen months in prison,

    Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

    So next time, boy, do it right,

    Stuff her c**t with dynamite,

    Blackbird, Bye, Bye.
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    Its got to be - Swing low!
  10. I have to say that I haven't heard that one. I do like 'Hey Mister Fisherman' if anyone would like a rendition please post or send a pm.

  11. One of the best (and longest) rugby songs is the epic Eskimo Nell. It is a cracking story of two cowboys trying to shag an entire whorehouse but being defeated by Nell. Anyone who could recite it all from memory earned instant greatness at my rugby club.
  12. The hair on her dicky di do has to be one of the greatest.

    But I can never remember how it starts, but then again I'm usually drunk when the singing starts.
  13. "I once knew an Italian who had balls like a f**king stallion

    and the hairs on her dicky di do hung down to her knees

    And the hairs (and the hairs)

    And the hairs (and the hairs)

    And the hairs on her dicky di do hung down to her knees. etc. etc."

    Or something like that...
  14. " canal street " is my personal favourate we used to cause havoc singing it at the top of our voices in the back of a daff when i was a cadet!
  15. Google is great: