The best rock group in the world ( last 20 years)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fiji_Bob, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. There I was enjoying seeing Sam's team getting stuffed on bbc1 when Mrs FB momentarily wrestled the remote from me and turned over to see the Brit awards :omg: :omfg:

    Horror turned to joy as the best rock group in the world for the last 20 years started their set and without a doubt the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the dogs nuts :headbang:

    Oasis are a bunch of northern gays in comparison :sleepy:

    Russell Brand can blow air up Oasis's arrse all he likes, about how they were closing the Brit awards blah blah :sleepy:

    :headbang: The Chili's set blew them away. :headbang:

    The Chili's live set and Bolton getting a pasting, all in one night on the TV, it don't get any better than this? :thumright:

    Catch the Chili's this Friday I think on the Beeb Abbey Road sessions and then tell me I'm wrong :plotting:
  2. Take That are the best.
  3. Mate,

    2 words

  4. Mate 3 words

    Last 20 years!!
  5. Groovycide are the best

    For those about to Rock

    We Salute you.

    In fact AC/DC are the best Groovycide come second, in fact Iron Maiden come second, then Groovycide but I am a bit bias.
  6. Seen, but still going strong and will IMHO outlast any of the above!!

    Priam (Old GIT Extrordinairre(sp))
  7. Iron Maiden
  8. Although it pains me to say it.....probably U2
  9. A very very close second
  10. I take it you mean the Red Hot CHILI Peppers???
  11. Guns n' Roses (appetite for destruction line-up),
    but if it was for last 25 years? :frustrated: without a doubt it would had to have been marillion. the real line-up with Fish on vocals ;)