The best RLC Regt in Germany is???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Nineditsandadadit, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering whose opinions were stronger? Is it the Regt or the guys & gals who work in the Regt?
  2. Aren't they one and the same? Perhaps the more appropriate judge of the 'best' (whatever that is....) would be someone outside of the chain of command.

    Each individual person would have a different opinion of the things that are most important to them, so the question is too ambiguous to be of value anyway. Maybe it would be better to ask about a more specific aspect of regimental performance.
  3. Mmm the best, probably the wrong use of word, could be perceived in too many ways!!!

    Some people like the Regts which are allways away... well i suppose that will be all of them then.

    OK which is the better one from a Supply Regt, a Tpt Regt or Log Sp Regt??? :plotting:
  4. 6 supply rocked in 98 party central woohoo
  5. Was it a Regt'l thing or Sqn / Tp???

    64 were away that year weren't they???
  6. Can't have been 61 - Bag of Sh1te. An Ammo Sqn where 95% of its troops know feck all about ammo.
  7. I had the misfortune of being attached to 6 Sup in Bayeux 3 years ago...if that's all what all Loggie regts are like then I'll be happy to continue avoiding them.
  8. Did we not feel the love??
  9. I have also been attached to them and they managed to make 2 LSR look professional....So they are impressive in some ways...?????
  10. 62 for me fantastic posting lots of tottie in the Sqn, great boss and a good Regt
  11. Iam not being funny but are you still there?
    Is it CR time?

    Lots of Tottie leads me to believe that you are
    a, female
    b, gaymale

    lots of tottie for a straight male on PRB is a myth
  12. Agreed, the nearest tottie to PRB is a small house next to junction 24 of the route two!
  13. No mate posted last guessing if you were not getting any then you must be ugly as **** or a T**t
  14. I take it you could only party when 64 weren't around to slap you back down to where you belonged
  15. Any way the 2 best Sqn's are Shiny 9 and 64. That makes the best regt's 7 & 8 Regt. 6 Regt comes after them and 1 and 2 can fight amongst themselves for the scraps.................bring it on!