The best restaraunt you've eaten in.



I had the taster menu there a few weeks ago and was not that impressed. That said, the taster wine list that went along with it was very good; well matched and quite a step away from the ordinary wines you would expect.

The Fat Duck in Bray is simply mindblowing, but you need to be a real foodie to go there.
We had the taster menu, and really enjoyed it, but it does change. The wine was very good!

I've tried to book The Fat Duck on numerous occasions, but it's nearly impossible to get a seat, unless you're prepared to hang on the phone for over an hour.
Anyone tried the Connaught? I'm due there soon but a bit worried it's going to be overly pretentious and trading on name rather than food...


We had the taster menu, and really enjoyed it, but it does change. The wine was very good!

I've tried to book The Fat Duck on numerous occasions, but it's nearly impossible to get a seat, unless you're prepared to hang on the phone for over an hour.
Thankfully I didn't have to book it. If you go with your mind open and a blind eye turned to the wallet it is well worth the experience. A glass of Champagne before dinner, tasting menu, relatively sensible amounts of wine from the cheaper end of the wine list, coffees and a whisky set us back £550 per couple!

And yes, I was as sick as a dog the next day courtesy of the oysters in lavender jelly!


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try Rules in Maiden Lane Covent Garden , this is the oldest resteraunt in London 1790. The food is good engllish home produced english game.I have dined there Corporalty, as a Press Club member and many times out of my own wallet. The Jugged Hare is todie for as isthe Stilton and Port. I have yet to tste a finer Stilton. You can hire rooms upstairs as used by Charled Dickend , Graham Green or Ed the vii and his totty. I dont have shares in it but I would if I could ... have a shuffti at their website . The most I spent on my own ther was £180 odd some ten years ag owhen pissed. but they do a pre theatre lunch of tw ocoursed for somewhere around 20 0r 25 squids.

also take a look at 84v st James if you want a cheapo cavery lunch in the middle of london.

Dont go North for your fish and chips fried in Axle grease just come to Southend on Sea for good fresh cod n chips .

please excusr typing and spelling but i really am mental and my carer has popped out for a somke.

I am off out later for a Greek Meze in the green lanes noth london as I am visiting here.


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There there was a little place at Wathgill, not so romantic but all the food was free, odd it didn't have any waiters.


Best venue was probably a place in Sausalito, think it was called the Spinnaker which was on a jetty or small spur of land sticking out into San Fransisco bay. It had a stunning view over the water looking south to San Fransisco, late in the evening with the city lights starting to come on. The food was okay too, especially as someone else was paying.


Two of the best I've found in Paris are certainly not what most people would consider to be obviously the "best" however the food is amazing.

The first is actually an Argentinian death metal steak house called 'The Black Dog. With morbid and odd names dishes such as the 1kg steak called "we dont care if you die", attached health warning of them not being held responsible if you succumb to the meat and a free t-shirt if you manage it along with being permitted to sign the walls: its not a classy place but its the best steak I ever had even if its popularity in the time I have been here(4 years) has more than doubled the prices.

Chez Gladines or simply "The Basque" as we know it is the second. It is at the other end of the spectrum price wise and a very filling meal was about €12 last time I was there.. Veal is the specialty.. yummy. Its the sort of typical southern french place where you are elbow to elbow with each other and the atmosphere is great. Its also the sort of place that is so popular that if you are there a few minutes after opening, you may have to wait a while to sit down. The one down side is that they are normally closed in the summer for 2 months, normally july-august
I don't profess to be a gourmet. In fact I generally like the simpler things in life but if you are out for a meal and the starter so impresses you can't remember the main course you know you are onto a good thing. Twice this has happened to me. In Rome a small restaurant off a piazza - Duck Liver Pate with onion marmalade. In the Hyatt in Amman - the seafood soup. Niether particularly ambitious but both heavenly.


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Giovanni's, Goodwin Court, just off St Martin's Lane. Really good food and atmosphere. A proper Italian, good enough to take a visiting Italian to eat there


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I've been lucky enough to dine in some fantastic restaurants and hotels around the World, but when it comes to top quality, home produced English food, you can't beat the George & Dragon in Clifton Cumbria. They grow all their own produce and rear their own meat, all the food comes from within a few miles of the pub.

Prince Philip is even a fan and has eaten there a few times.

George and Dragon Clifton |

Review here:

Restaurant Reviews - Cumbria the Lake District


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Try J Baker's Bistro in York. Go on a lunchtime, it's cheaper. Best food I've ever had. Like, ever.

J Baker's Bistro Moderne




the Gurkha one in Winchester
and the one in Arras with a pirate theme

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