The best restaraunt you've eaten in.

I have three I love. The Three Hussars (Drei Hussaren) in Vienna, fantastic food and amazing ambiance, the
H'ourderves trolley is to die for, some buffoon once described it as just a trolley of pate, what a philistine. The Hyatt in Cologne, exquisite food not to be missed. And one that is no longer with us, The Red under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I was gutted when I went back there a few years ago to find it was no more. It's Australian meats, Emu, Crocodile and Kangaroo was incredible.

Any recommendations that should not be missed?


I went to "the post" a couple of weeks ago. It's in Banstead (look it up). The taster menu, with wine, was approx £70 a head. I would thoroughly recommend it. Excellent food, with perfect matching wine.

Tony Tobin owns it (some bloke from Masterchef etc) but it is top notch scran.

Failing that.......Bordon kebabs


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Gaucho swallow street W1 good food good service excellant menu, Duck is superb, Wine list is the Biz.
FIESTA restaurant in Chiclayo, Peru. It's where the president of Peru eats when he's there. Food: Superb. Wine: the best I have experienced in the north of Peru.
I need to consult my diary about restaurants in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Back soon.
Les Fougeres in Chelsea , Quebec, Canada. Had the full 7 course Taster menu. 7 courses of food, 7 wines. Then brandy. Then coffee .Took 4 hours. YUM!
I'm not into gastrosnobbery. Favourite meals are Zigeuner Schnitzel and Patties (North East style) but you can get good ones anywhere that makes them. (Just to clarify, these are separate foods, not a combo).

Places that remain in my memory:
Restaurant Paradies (somewhere between Ravensburg and Lake Constance) Spaetzle was perfect, as was the Kartoffelsalat.
Any chip shop in Whitby (dine in or take it away in paper). Teaches you the meaning of fresh fish and properly cooked chips.
Angler's Arms in Wheldon Bridge. Their Jumbo Mixed Grill is a gutbuster, cooked to perfection and served in a Pullman carriage. I don't dare go back as I don't feel physically capable of doing it justice.
The best meals that I have ever had were in the Newport House Hotel in Newport, Co. Mayo, RoI.

Dinners include items like:
Appetizer: scallops in cream=wine sauce, smoked salmon w. brown bread, capers
Soup: Excellent and made in house
Entree: Filet steak, veal chops, fresh wild fish, game
Cheese: Variety of cheeses served with biscuits made in house
Desert: Variety of pastries, mousse, ice creams (also in made in house, unusual flavours)
Coffee/tea served with chocolates/truffles made in house

The last time I was there the smoked salmon had been caught locally and smoked in house. Awesome food, breakfast is great too. Dinner last summer was 60 Euros plus the wine.

The hotel is small, maybe 15-18 rooms, an old manor house on the river. The hotel owns fishing rights and lots of guests are fly fishermen. DO NOT confuse with Newport Hotel in the same town. I have stopped there a day or two for the past 5 years.

link is Luxury Country House Hotel Newport Ireland
The Can Muni in Calonge (a small village on the Costa Brava).. the Black Rice Marineira is the thing to go for, flavoured/ coloured with Octopus ink. Wonderful.
One of the best was earlier this year in Berlin. Zur Letzten Instance (zur letzten Instanz -- mobil). Established in 1621 and not decorated since! Absolutely brilliant, simple old style Boxhead nosh and Schultheiss beer!


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Gaucho's is nice, and the wine list is amazing (no, I am not a crab), but I ate at D'Arry's Cookhouse in Cambridge the other night and was stunned with their food. Very reasonably priced too considering I had grouse. Mind you, we did tear the arse out of their wine list a bit.

Best meal though has to be the Kaefer Restaurant on top of the Reichstag in Berlin. Simply wonderful food, excellent service and wines matched to the courses. The wife and I left after a seven course meal and found ourselves looking over a fantastic Berlin night time skyline. Perfect.
I'm not promoting this place and neither do I have any connection with it but anybody got a few hours kicking their heels near Heathrow Airport. Jump in a cab and go the Pheasant Pub at West End Lane, Harlington. UB3 5LX. Here's their website: The Pheasant. There is a restaurant at the back of the pub but those in the know go into the pub itself. There is a huge menu, the food is superbly cooked and the portions are enormous. The prices may look like a pound or two more than you might like to pay for pub grub but when you see the quality and the amount you get, it's very good value for money. It's a well kept secret among regular travellers and residents of the hotels around the airport. You can sit there and hear accents from all over the world. It's about 15 minutes by car from terminal one, two or three and obviously further from four and five which are on the other end of the airport. Allow yourselves at least two hours at the pub and a bit more if you can because it's generally so busy. You won't be sorry.
There was a great fish restraunt on the beach at san Pedro, Belize. It was run by an American ex-pat and the sea food was amazing. You could go back the next day for breakfast and hangover cures too :)
The Britannia, Limassol. Never, ever, had a bad night there. >;)

On a serious note, for fine fresh sustainable produce and quality of same then for me it's the Cairndow Oyster Bar. Well it was the last time I was there 8 years ago.
Not into all that fine dining malarky, just good old hearty filling food.
Desperados in Hohne gets my vote. Rack of ribs, wings, large steak, corn on cob, tatties, all cooked to perfection, all on one (massive) plate, and all for less that 30euro. You cannot o better than that in my book.


I went to "the post" a couple of weeks ago. It's in Banstead (look it up). The taster menu, with wine, was approx £70 a head. I would thoroughly recommend it. Excellent food, with perfect matching wine.

Tony Tobin owns it (some bloke from Masterchef etc) but it is top notch scran.

Failing that.......Bordon kebabs
I had the taster menu there a few weeks ago and was not that impressed. That said, the taster wine list that went along with it was very good; well matched and quite a step away from the ordinary wines you would expect.

It is worth trying Chez Bruce in Wandsworth - to my mind, much better food and better priced at £40 ish for 3 courses from a michelin starred restaurant.

The Fat Duck in Bray is simply mindblowing, but you need to be a real foodie to go there. It is very, very challenging - the tasting menu left every one of our party of 6 gagging at some point. It is all about flavours taken to the extreme, but if you don't like the flavour it just magnifies the dislike. It is also a little bit tough on the wallet!

Another good thread on this subject here:
During AT in plymouth had a sqn night out in a place called Cuisine Spontanee in Sutton Harbour.

Basically, you pick your own ingredients, what style of cooking you require then tell the chef how hot or not you would like it, then prepares it right in front of you.

Great choice of seafoods and meats and a cracking night out.

welcome to cuisine spontanee

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