The best question today from Mrs TMW is:

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Themanwho, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. @Why is it called the Hundred Years War?@

    I nearly crashed the car into a Polish container truck on the M20, and had to pull over onto the hard shoulder.

    The worrying thing is, we have two kids. What if one of them grows up with my looks and her brains?
  2. I hope all you said was "wah" while swerving to avoid said container truck...
  3. I don't want to step on anyones toes but my missus asked me this today;

    Is King Kong based on a true story!

    It wouldn't be so bad but i spent a year or so explaining away jurassic bloody park
  4. Without berating her too much she was quite within her right to ask that question as it should be known as the 'Hundred and Sixteen years war' (and two months for the pedantic ones). Then again it was a dumb arrse question.
  5. Truth be told.. the 100 years war didn't exactly last that long ...

    and as for King Kong.. recent excavations in China have discovered the remains of a ' giant apelike creature ' that could be the basis of some of the legends [ stood approxamately 12 -15 feet in height according to the boffins ] of course didn't live next door to the Flintsotnes or in the Jurassic 'hood

    the ol' pedant, Rocketeer - over to you...
  6. when speaking to a bird at work about whether bints get competitive over Regimental numbers, she asked

    'W105xxxx is after W104xxx? So 4 comes after 5?'

    Laugh? I nearly shat.
  7. The girl working on the shoe section of River Island in York today didn't know what a shoe horn was!!!
  8. Which is nowhere near as big a crime as admitting frequenting said establishment!
  9. They have some decent shoes at reasonable prices. The rest of it fairly bland stuff but every now and I again I see something I like.
  10. SWMBO asked where the kiss button was on her mobile for when she sent me a text message. Cue coffee all down shirt :roll: :roll:
  11. Mrs TMW now feels slightly better about her somewhat naive grasp of history and would like to thank you all for proving that there are stupider women than her.

    Me? I'm still laughing...